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Examples of "organizacion"
La Organizacion Romantica de Mexico '91 is a studio album released in 1991 by the Mexican group Los Freddy's.
• El Detective Arturo ; maestro de la investigacion, by Mary J Fulton; Aurelius Battaglia, Spanish, Publisher: Mexico : Organizacion Editorial Novaro, 1977.
Koxmoz was formed in 2002 by MC's Apolo Novax, Chili Parker and DJ Kox Tortuga, after the dissolution of their previous group: La Organizacion. La Organizacion, also known as La Oz, was a competition-rap group in Buenos Aires underground. However, their appeal was only for hardcore hip-hop fans and b-boys. After Mustafa Yoda left La Organizacion to pursue a solo career, DJ Kox Tortuga jumped from being a guest live DJ to be the main producer of the group and then Koxmoz was born.
2007. "Organizacion Informal de los Partidos en America Latina" [Informal Party Organization in Latin America] (with Flavia Freidenberg). "Desarrollo Económico" (Argentina) 46, No. 184: 539-568.
María Esther Aguilar Cansimbe wrote for two Michoacán newspapers as a police reporter for "El Diario de Zamora", which is an Organizacion Editorial Mexicana owned newspaper, and for the Morelia-based "El Cambio de Michoacán"' as its local correspondent.
XEMR-AM is a Mexican Class A, clear-channel station on 1140 kHz and licensed for Apodaca, Nuevo León. It is licensed to Organizacion Mexicana de Radio, S.A. de C.V. and operated by Grupo Radio Alegría.
Organizacion Enfoque of Socorro, Texas is supported by funds from the Frontera Women's Foundation as well. As a general community resource, the Organization Enfoque provides English language courses, arts and crafts class, GED training, computer training, and citizenship classes for those in need.
The not-for-profit Organizacion Xtremas develops community projects to help local inhabitants, the indigenous Bribris and Cabecar people around the Talamanca range area. This organization is always seeking for travel volunteers. Through this organization you may also find local experts, naturalist guides and more information on how to explore Talamanca and climb Kamuk.
The so called Organizacion was formed by Angel Ayala Vazquez, known as "Angelo Millones", according to a 2009 report by federal prosecutor Rosa Emilia Rodriguez. The ONU helped transport shipments from Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and other Latin American countries to the United States
Miss Teen US Latina is an American beauty pageant for Latin American teenage girls living in the United States. It is a sister pageant to the Miss Latin America and Miss Latina US pageants. It was first established nationally in 2003. It is owned and organized by Organizacion Miss América Latina, Inc.
Other individuals and groups supporting Puerto Rican independence have included: poet Martín Espada, professor and writer Jason Ferreira, the group Calle 13, FALN leader Oscar López Rivera, Roberto Barreto, a member of Organizacion Socialista Internacional; Puerto Rican nationalist Carlos Alberto Torres, and U.S. Representative Luis Gutiérrez.
The Organizacion de Narcotraficantes Unidos (ONU, also known popularly as La ONU), is a Puerto Rican criminal organization. It is an organization dedicated to drug dealing, unifying various well-known dealers under one umbrella group. The organization is based in Bayamon.
La Prensa is a Mexican newspaper, owned by Organizacion Editorial Mexicana, established in 1928. The newspaper had a circulation of 244,299, the highest circulation of any newspaper in Mexico, as of 2013. Their sister newspaper, ESTO once had the highest circulation of any Mexican newspaper with 400,000 copies.
On December 6, 2007, Organizacion Soriana acquired Supermercados Gigante for US$1.35 billion. In 2008, Soriana replaced the existing Gigante stores including its seven stores in the United States (U.S. stores were sold in May to Chedraui). Most Mexican stores retained Supermercados Gigante props like point of sale systems and food equipment.
Around 2004, Ayala Vazquez and other drug dealers decided to form the ONU in order to confuse the local police and other law organizations, to evade conflict between rival gangs as much as possible and to maximize profits from local drug trade among the group's members. The group was named ONU after the United Nations, whose name in Spanish, Organizacion de Naciones Unidas, is commonly abbreviated to "ONU".
Induced abortion is classified as a crime in the Penal Code of 1970, included in the crimes against life. Doctors who suspect that a woman has had an abortion are obligated to report them to the Organization of Judicial Investigation ("Organizacion de Investigacion Judicial"). Punishment varies depending on whether the woman consented or not to the procedure and whether the fetus had reached six months' gestation at the time.
The Zionist movement in Uruguay began in 1911, when Dorshei Zion was founded. It began as an extension of the Argentinean Zionist Federation. The Zionist movement in Uruguay consisted of General Zionists, Po'alei Zion (Labor Zionists), Mizrachi (Religious Zionists), and Women's International Zionist Organization. In 1945 the Consejo Central Sionista was formed. In 1960 the Federación Sionista Territorial Unificada, renamed in 1963 Organizacion Sionista del Uruguay (OSU), was founded.
As of Dec. 6, 2007 Supermercados Gigante was acquired by Organizacion Soriana for US$1.35 billion. The supermarket and hypermarket retail formats of Supermercados Gigante, including its seven US stores, will disappear and the stores will adopt the Soriana Brand. Grupo Gigante will remain in business as a company separate from Soriana, operating Mexican Radio Shack and Office Depot locations, as well as the Toks restaurant chain.
Organizacion Corona (known as Corona in Colombia)was founded in 1881 by a group of investors including Victoriano Restrepo Uribe, making it one of the oldest business entities in Colombia. In 1935 it was purchased by . It is one of the largest conglomerates based in the South American country. The company manufactures ceramics for the home improvement market and is divided into six business units. It has operations in Colombia, Panama, Mexico, the United States and China and export to more than 20 countries throughout the world. The leader of the family for many years was .
In 1932 a branch of the PG was created in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was the "Organizacion Nazionalista Repubricana Galega" (Galician Republican Nationalist Organization). It had 150 members and was led by Rodolfo Prada. At the time of the Civil War it changes its name to "Grupo Galeguista de Bos Aires" (Galicianist Group of Buenos Aires). In 1941 it takes the name of "Irmandade Galega" (Galician Brotherhood). In 1942, with the massive arrival or Galician expatriates to Buenos Aires (including Castelao), this same group relaunches the PG newspaper "A Nosa Terra". In 1944, "Irmandade Galega", with the support of Castelao, establish the "Consello de Galiza", a sort of Galician government in exile.