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Examples of "oscc"
The Ontario Junior Classical League (Ontario JCL or OJCL) is one of only three NJCL state-level chapters in Canada. Though the Ontario JCL has yet to host the National Convention, the chapter regularly attends the annual event. The chapter should not be confused with the Ontario Student Classics Conference (OSCC), the annual convention organized by the OSCC Planning Committee. Though the OSCC originally functioned as an extension of the province's JCL chapter, the Ontario JCL and OSCC now operate separately.
Olympic Security Command Centre (OSCC) was formed in 1995 to plan for and conduct security of the 2000 Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games. The OSCC was commanded by Assistant Commissioner Paul McKinnon of the NSW Police.
As of 1936 membership of the OSCC was about 2,200.
Using p16 as a surrogate marker of HPV status in oral cavity dysplasia and OSCC is discouraged. HPV-driven OSCC has a very low incidence. Studies have shown that up to a third of OSCC are p16 positive and viral DNA is
The company signed an agreement with the OSCC that took effect on 1 January 1922.
The OSCC is not affiliated with the Ontario Classical Association (OCA).
In 1934 the AFL Executive Council gave the OSCC jurisdiction over Pullman porters.
Positive HPV16 status is associated with improved prognosis over HPV-negative OSCC.
Listed below are the locations, hosts and themes for each of the past OSCC conventions (as of 2016).
A. Philip Randolph argued strongly in the American Federation of Labor against the discriminatory practices of the OSCC.
Fraser encouraged the Order of Sleeping Car Conductors (OSCC) to join the Order of Railway Conductors during the war.
The OSCC was formed along functional and Olympic Precinct lines, which supported all of the Olympic Venues and sports. There were three Precinct Commanders and an Olympic Precinct and Regional Operations command centre formed as part of OSCC. A number of liaison officers from NSW emergency services and other agencies were also present. These included:
A 2010 study concluded that current tobacco users with advanced HPV+ OSCC are at higher risk of disease recurrence compared with never-tobacco users.
In response to OSCC propaganda several southern states passed laws requiring white Pullman conductors to be in charge of sleeping cars in their jurisdictions.
detectable by polymerase chain reaction in up to 28% of cases [51,52]. However when studies use in situ hybridization, a more sensitive method of detecting high-risk HPV, very few cases (1–10%) are positive [51–56]. Therefore, relying on p16 as a surrogate marker for HPV overestimates the number of HPV-related cancers in the oral cavity. In addition, studies have shown no survival benefit in p16 positive OSCC compared to p16 negative OSCC.(51,52)
Human papillomavirus (HPV)-positive oropharyngeal cancer (OPC) also known as HPV16+ oropharyngeal cancer or HPV+ OPC is a recognized subtype of oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas (OSCC), associated with the HPV type 16 virus.
In January 1987, Pres. Cory Aquino's administration abolished the OMACC and through three Executive Orders created the Office for the Muslim Affairs (OMA), the Office for Northern Cultural Communities (ONCC), and the Office for Southern Cultural Communities (OSCC).
The logo of the OSCC was created by Paul McKinnon and was used on lapel pins by unit members (White given as gifts to visitors, blue only to unit members).
The Order of Sleeping Car Conductors (OSCC) was an labor union that represented white sleeping car conductors in the United States and Canada between 1918 and 1942, when it merged with the Order of Railway Conductors.
The Mission represents the United States in the Permanent Council of the OSCE, the Organization's principal policy-making body, as well as in the Forum for Security Cooperation (FSC). The Mission also monitors implementation of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty in the Joint Consultative Group (JCG), and represents the U.S. in the Open Skies Consultative Commission (OSCC).