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Examples of "oschatz"
Delitzsch, Torgau-Oschatz, Döbeln, Mittweida and Leipziger Land.
The administrative district of the town Oschatz also contains the following 14 townlands:
Boyde entered the Book of Honour of his hometown Oschatz in 2012.
Elbe-Elster and Oberspreewald-Lausitz in Brandenburg, Kamenz, Meißen, Döbeln and Torgau-Oschatz.
Tom Geißler (born 12 September 1983 in Oschatz) is a German footballer who last played for Carl Zeiss Jena.
Oschatz was scene of a witchcraft trial in 1583. Leonhard Sihra was convicted of sorcery and was hanged.
Ulrike Stange (born 25 April 1984 in Oschatz) is a German handballer. She plays for the German national team.
Born near Oschatz, he was musical director of the Leipzig Neukirche from 1729 till his death in 1761.
Ernst-Jürgen Dreyer (20 August 1934, Oschatz – 3 December 2011, Neuss) was a German writer, translator, playwright and musicologist.
Jürgen Rische (born 30 October 1970 in Oschatz, Saxony) is a retired German football striker and current coach.
The survival of the Kemmlitz–Mügeln–Oschatz line since 1975 is mainly thanks to the transportation of kaolin.
The average air temperature in Oschatz is approximately 8.6 °C, the annual rainfall is about 570 millimeters.
The band's original members were Markus Popp, Sebastian Oschatz and Frank Metzger, although Oschatz and Metzger left the group in 1995. Disdaining the use of synthesizers, Oval instead deliberately mutilated CDs by writing on them with felt pens, then processed the palette of fragmented sounds to create a very rhythmic electronic style.
The district was created in 1994 by merging the two previous districts Oschatz and Torgau, and 6 municipalities from the former district Eilenburg. In August 2008, as a part of the district reform in Saxony, the districts of Delitzsch and Torgau-Oschatz were merged into the new district Nordsachsen.
Oschatz lies in the Saxon Lowland and is located on the river Döllnitz, which joins the river Elbe as a left tributary 15 km away near Riesa. Oschatz is situated near the forested regions of the Dahlener Heath as well as the Wermsdorf Forest and the Collmberg. Neighboring districts include: Liebschützberg, Strehla, Riesa, Stauchitz, Naundorf, Wermsdorf and Dahlen.
The area around Oschatz was one of the last to be liberated at the end of the war. In May 2005 the Oschatzer Heimatverein e.V. organised an exhibition to commemorate the liberation and Stalag IV-G. In 2007 the exhibition in the Oschatz Town Hall was made permanent.
Döllnitz is a river of Saxony, Germany. It flows through the towns Mügeln and Oschatz, and joins the river Elbe in Riesa.
The area of the present-day town has been settled since Neolithic times. The name Oschatz derives from the Sorbian word for abatis. The first written mention was in 1200 as a name "Johannes de Ozzetz", however the association to Oschatz is uncertain. The first definite mention of the town dates from 1238, as "Ozzechz" is mentioned in a document from the Henry III, Margrave of Meißen. The oldest document found in the town aarchive is an indulgence letter from Bishop Conrad of Meißen, dated 1246. In 1344 the people's army The Geharnischten certified for the association of towns Oschatz, Torgau and Grimma, and a schoolmaster was employed in 1365. A fort in Oschatz was first mentioned in 1377, and a watch tower was erected at the site of the current museum. The town received market rights in 1394.
In August 2008, as a part of the district reform in Saxony, the districts of Delitzsch and Torgau-Oschatz were merged into the new district Nordsachsen.
On 7 January 1885 the first section of the route between Mügeln and Oschatz was opened. In 1920 it was taken over by the Deutsche Reichsbahn.