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Strontium ranelate shows anti-fracture efficacy in very old elderly and osteopenic patients.
Complications of PBC can be related to chronic cholestasis or cirrhosis of the liver. Chronic cholestasis leads to osteopenic bone disease and osteoporosis, alongside hyperlipidaemia and vitamin deficiencies.
The long bones may be osteopenic and various skeletal changes are found in several patients, such as metaphyseal sclerosis and mild flaring, which is most pronounced in the femur and tibia.
David Sillence’s current research interests include a) Genetics and treatment of osteopenic and other metabolic bone disorders of childhood, b) Characterization of the molecular genetics and pathogenesis of specific skeletal birth defects in mouse and man, c) Consanguinity and paediatric morbidity/population genetics of consanguinity in Middle Eastern Populations, d) Evaluation of Innovative Genetic Therapies. Previous studies in the genetics and treatment of osteopenic and other metabolic bone disorders has led to the development of i) Normal range of bone density and skeletal metabolites in children, ii) a delineation of the natural history of various skeletal disorders collectively known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta and iii) the definition of the specific conditions for treatment of these disorders with Bisphosphonates.
Choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid is a bioavailable nutritional supplement. It has been shown to prevent the loss of hair tensile strength, have positive effect on skin surface and skin mechanical properties, and on brittleness of hair and nails, abate brittle nail syndrome, partially prevent femoral bone loss in the aged ovariectomized rat model, increase collagen concentration in calves, and have potential beneficial effect on bone collagen formation in osteopenic females.
In 2007, Dr. John Jaquish created an osteogenic loading device to help bones and muscles absorb high-impact forces in a self-loaded environment. Osteopenic and osteoporotic subjects can reportedly use the device to load 3 times their bodyweight on the spine and over 9 times their bodyweight in the lower extremeties. A 2012 study showed that the device improved bone density in the subjects.