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kangema              kabondo              githunguri              runyenjes              kigumo              gatanga              gatundu              makadara              murang              amagoro              kathiani              ruiru              kasipul              vihiga              londiani              kangundo              siaya              kimilili              sotik              nyando              ikolomani              mwingi              bungoma              makueni              alego              kiambu              chache              nyaribari              karachuonyo              kajiado              khwisero              butere              nyeri              pujehun              bomet              juja              lurambi              ludewa              maragua              njoro              mudzi              kisauni              nambale              mbooni              atwima              limuru              jomoro              magharibi              kitui              muranga             

Examples of "othaya"
Othaya forms a town council, which has five wards: Kanyange, Kianganda, Nduye River, Nyamari and Thuti. All of them are part of Othaya Constituency. Othaya is also the headquarters of Othaya administrative division, which has four locations: Chinga, Iria-Ini, Karima and Mahiga. Othaya division has a population of 88,291 (1999 census). Othaya division has common borders with Othaya constituency, which Mwai Kibaki represented in parliament up to 2013. The current member of parliament is Hon Mary Wambui elected in 2013 general elections.
Othaya Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of six constituencies in Nyeri County. Othaya Constituency comprises Othaya division of Nyeri County.
Gatuyaini is a village in Othaya division of Nyeri County, Kenya. It is part of Othaya town council and Othaya Constituency. The village is home to Gatuyaini Primary School.
Othaya is the main town located in this constituency. Mwai Kibaki, the former president of Kenya, has been the Othaya MP since 1974. Earlier he had been the MP of Doonholm Constituency (now Makadara).
Mzee Herman Kingori Maingi was born in 1920 at Karima village in Othaya Division, Nyeri District.
Mwai Kibaki, the third President of Kenya, was born in Gatuyaini, a village in Othaya.
Othaya is a Kenyan town about 120 kilometres north of Nairobi, the capital. It has a population of 21,427, of which 4,108 are core urban (1999 census ); the majority of the residents are of the Kikuyu tribe. Othaya is part of the Nyeri County. It is an agricultural area with coffee and tea as the main cash crops. Main crop grown in the area are Tea and coffee, while most farmers are subsistence. Othaya is home to Chinga dam, the largest water reservoir in the Nyeri County.
'Winnie Wangui is the alleged daughter of the former President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki, and Othaya member of parliament Mary Wambui.
Gibson Kamau Kuria (Born 3 March 1947 in Mahiga Location, Othaya Division, Nyeri District) is a Kenyan lawyer and a recipient of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award for 1988.
Gazzeted locations in othaya constituency A -Iriaini Ward 1-othaya township chief githaiga 2-iriaini south chief Wamai 3-iriaini north chief muondu B-Karima ward 1- Karima south chief wahome 2-Karima north Nderitu C-Mahiga ward 1-Mumwe East chief E .Ndiritu 2-Mumwe West chief C Njauini 3- Mahiga Est chief S.Ndiritu 4-Mahiga West chief JMukunya D Chinga Ward 1-chinga North Est Wachira Nuthu 2-chinga north West Kimani 3-chinga south est D Ngaruka 4-chinga North west P kamau
In 1974, Kibaki, facing serious competition for his Doonholm Constituency seat from a Mrs. Jael Mbogo, whom he had only narrowly and controversially beaten for the seat in the 1969 elections, moved his political base from Nairobi to his rural home, Othaya, where he was subsequently elected as Member of Parliament. The same year "Time" magazine rated him among the top 100 people in the world who had the potential to lead. He has been re-elected Member of Parliament for Othaya in the subsequent elections of 1979, 1983, 1988, 1992,1997,2002 and 2007.
2,984 squatters and needy, mainly ex-forest squatters who had been evicted from Mount Kenya and Aberdare forests in the 1980s and early 1990s were settled. These squatters had been living on the roadsides in the villages of Hombe in Mathira Constituency, BelleVue in Kieni West, Ndathi in Kieni East, Witima in Othaya and Zauna\Kabage in Tetu.
Kigumo is located 15 kilometres west of Maragua town and 30 kilometres south of Othaya. Kandara, a small town, is located 10 kilometres south of Kigumo. Kigumo village is located between two other villages, Karega village at the east and Mariira village at the west.
Today,other inhabitants of Kihuyo occupy a smaller village upper west bordering the Aberdares National Park, an area called Nyarugumu. Nyarugumu was a settlement formed in the 1960's by Kenya's new independent government to resettle squatters from colonial villages from all over Nyeri, including many from Mukurwe-ini, Nyeri and Othaya
Mary Wambui is a Kenyan businesswoman and politician. She succeeded former president Mwai Kibaki as the member of parliament for Othaya. She is allegedly Kibaki's second wife. The Wambui family claim that Mwai married Mary in 1972 under Kikuyu customary law and have a daughter, Wangui Mwai.
Nyeri is served by a reasonably well-maintained tarmac road network connecting it to Nairobi, Nakuru, Nanyuki, Othaya and other surrounding towns. Most transportation of cargo to and from Nyeri is by road, although the city has a largely underutilized railway station at Kiganjo (about six kilometers out of city towards Nanyuki) on the branchline of the railway from Nairobi to Nanyuki.
Herman Kingori ventured into politics in 1979 and was elected as a councilor for Karima ward and re-elected again in 1983. In 1974 he was instrumental in convincing the MP for Bahati, (later President) Mwai Kibaki to return home and vie for the Othaya parliamentary seat.
Kibaki was born in 1931 in Kikuyu village, Othaya division of Kenya's then Nyeri District, now Nyeri County. He is the youngest son of Kikuyu peasants Kibaki Gĩthĩnji and Teresia Wanjikũ. Though baptised as Emilio Stanley by Italian missionaries in his youth, he has been known as Mwai Kibaki throughout his public life.
Mwai Kibaki, who later became the president of Kenya, served as a Makadara MP before moving to Othaya Constituency. The constituency was also represented by Gidion Kioko Mbuvi, also known as 'Mike Sonko', who was elected in a by-election in 2010, replacing Dickson Wathika, whose election in 2007 was invalidated due to 'election irregularities'. Sonko went on to become the senator for Nairobi County in 2013.
Mukurwe-ini is one of the administrative Sub-county covering an area of 179.5 Km2. Mukurwe-ini borders Ndia Constituency in Kirinyaga to the south-east, Mathira and Tetu Constituencies to the North, Othaya Constituecy to the West and Kiharu and Mathioya Constituencies (Murang'a) to the south. Mukurwe-ini Sub-county has 15 administrative locations namely Gakinduini,Ruthanji,Mbuini, Giathugu,Igana,Mweru, Gikondi,Gathuitu, Githi,Thangathi, Muhito,Muyu, Rutune,Mutundu and Thanu; which are further subdivided into 32 sub-locations.