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hajimete              tsukiyo              koibito              kodomo              hanayome              danshi              chikai              inochi              jikan              shiawase              hajimari              kimochi              hitori              jibun              omoide              naisho              hitotsu              tonari              bokutachi              susume              yakusoku              tenshi              darake              unmei              hanashi              kanashimi              hitobito              yoru              maboroshi              okite              kajitsu              namida              futatsu              kamisama              kaeru              shikaku              yoake              hoshizora              seikatsu              tsuma              kekkon              ichizoku              ameagari              tengoku              omoi              onnatachi              tameni              himitsu              jinsei              oretachi             

Examples of "otona"
"24" was used as the theme song for SANCTUARY/Otona no Seiiki
Court lady: A daughter of Hiroi no Otona (広井弟名の娘)
He works with the theatrical troupe called Otona Keikaku and often with the troupe Gekidan Shinkansen. Furuta also stars in the 2007 horror film "Apartment 1303".
"White" is the fifteenth single by Japanese boy band KAT-TUN. The track "White" is used in the "Sofina Otona no Bihaku" TV commercial, while "Perfect" is used in Kazuya Kamenashi's Aoki "3D Slim Suits" TV commercial.
True Swing Golf (known as Nintendo Touch Golf: Birdie Challenge in Europe and as Otona no DS Golf in Japan) is a golf video game published by Nintendo and released for the Nintendo DS handheld video game system.
In 2005 Miyabi became a member of Hello! Project's shuffle unit Sexy Otonajan. Like Aa! there were only three members: Miki Fujimoto from Morning Musume, Megumi Murakami from Cute and Miyabi. They only produced one song called "Onna, Kanashii, Otona".
In an interview with the Japanese magazine Otona Fami, Gosho Aoyama revealed the setting is the snowy mountains due to the fact survivors will die in 15 minutes when buried under an avalanche.
There are even kanji terms that have pronunciations that correspond with neither the on'yomi or the kun'yomi of the individual kanji within the term, such as 明日 ("ashita", "tomorrow") and 大人 ("otona, "adult"").
, real name , is a columnist and editor born on January 1, 1960 in Mie Prefecture, Japan. He is credited as popularizing the term "otaku" in its modern colloquial usage. After dropping out of Meiji University's Nakano Junior and Senior High Schools, he graduated from Wako University. Along with Yūichi Endō, he launched the "Tokyo Otona Club" in 1982.
In May 2012 the band ended their decade-long 'hybernation' by digitally releasing a brand new single, "After All This Time", whose original Japanese title is 『つまらない大人になってしまった (Tsumaranai Otona ni Natte Shimatta)』("I've Become a Boring Adult").
I Was Born, But... ( "Otona no miru ehon - Umarete wa mita keredo" "An Adult's Picture Book View — I Was Born, But...") is a 1932 black-and-white Japanese silent film directed by Yasujirō Ozu. It became the first of six Ozu films to win the Kinema Junpō Critics' Prize. Ozu later loosely remade the film as "Good Morning" (1959).
2003 started, and they contributed to various compilation albums, like "Hysteric Media Zone IV" and "Loop of life III". In April they released their second maxi-single "Yokohama Love Story" which sold out on pre-order, leading to a second pressing. The second pressing, as well as their next single "Otona no Kijun," sold out immediately.
, a.k.a. Otona is the second studio album by Japanese alternative rock band Tokyo Jihen, released on January 25, 2006 in Japan through Toshiba EMI/ Virgin Music. The album was produced by the band and Japanese recording engineer Uni Inoue. The album reached number one on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart on February 6, 2006.
On July 19, Watanabe announced the release of her second single, "Otona Jellybeans" (translated "Adult Jelly Beans"), for July 25. She described the single as her type of song. Regarding the album cover, where she does not wear her trademark pigtails, she says she "tried to show my natural and mature side. It was fresh and fun."
AKB48 announced plans for a fifth team, Team 8, with one member from each of Japan's 47 prefectures. On February 24, during the group's Grand Reformation Festival event at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, the group announced a team reorganization. This included a captain and co-captain of each team, promotion of AKB48 trainees to regular membership (with assignment to the four teams) and the transfer of members between AKB48 and its sister groups. On April 3 AKB48 introduced its 47-member Team 8 as "the idols who come to you". Akimoto announced auditions for an Otona adult member over 30 years old, to participate in events and be the centerpiece of a Glico Papico commercial. On April 16, AKB48 announced the Otona member: Mariko Tsukamoto, a 37-year-old housewife and mother of two.
The band's very first one-man (a concert with no opening act) on August 17 at the Takadanobaba area was completely sold out. They followed with a second press of "Otona no Kijun" which included an extra song. In September and November they continued to participate in various concerts, and in October they released a coupling CD with the band Mask, called "Tobe, Tobe Oyuuki". This maxi-single managed to rank 4th on the Oricon indies charts.
Fontana sprawls around the intersection of Pariske Komune, Narodnih heroja, and Otona Župančiča streets, in the north-central section of the municipality. It roughly comprises (entirely or partially) Blocks 1, 2, 3 and 5 that were mostly built in the 1960s. The population of the local community of Fontana was 4,476 in 2002, and 9,833 with the neighboring areas which make the neighborhood of Fontana. In the north, it extends into the neighborhood of Paviljoni, and in the west into Tošin Bunar.
They signed with D&S RECORDS and released their first mini album, "DIAMOND POPS", in October 2013. BRADIO released their second mini-album, "Swipe Times", in July 2014 under HERO MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. Their first single "Otona Hit Parade/Step In Time" was released in November 2014. At the beginning of 2015, their single, "Flyers", was used as the opening theme song for the anime "Death Parade".
Born in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Matsuo started his own theatre troupe, Otona Keikaku, in 1988 and was joined by such talent as Kankuro Kudo and Sadao Abe. He won the Kishida Prize for Drama in 1997 for "Fankī! Uchū wa mieru tokoro made shika nai". In addition to acting and directing, he also writes, and won the Japan Academy Prize for Screenplay of the Year in 2008 for "". As a novelist, he has twice been nominated for the Akutagawa Prize.
Arakawa's parents are drapers. He is an individualist actor who plays an active part in the appearance of chubby body form and round cut, and he was named , but due to depending on circumstances such as many misreading of names, he took a kanji letter from his real name, and renamed it to his current name (both of his names are presided by Otona Keikaku and named by Suzuki Matsuo).