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Examples of "outb"
"Frem" was built by Erik B. Kromann at Marstal, Denmark and was initially operated by him. Her port of registry was Marstal and the Code Letters NWPH were allocated. In 1932, she was fitted with an auxiliary oil engine. She was reassessed as , . This was a 2-cylinder Single Cycle Single Action diesel engine, rated at 54nhp. It was made by A/S Tuxham, Copenhagen. In 1934, her Code Letters were changed to OUTB.
In versions of Windows that did not use the Windows NT kernel (as well as DOS and some other operating systems), programs could access the parallel port with simple outportb() and inportb() subroutine commands. In operating systems such as Windows NT and Unix (NetBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, 386BSD, etc.), the microprocessor is operated in a different security ring, and access to the parallel port is inhibited, unless using the required driver. This improves security and arbitration of device contention. On Linux, inb() and outb() can be used when a process is run as root and an ioperm() command is used to allow access to its base address; alternatively, ppdev allows shared access and can be used from userspace if the appropriate permissions are set.