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Examples of "outd"
Saadiq called "The Way I See It" "the culmination of a lifetime of experiences informed by the music I grew up on." Kristal Hawkins of "The Village Voice" said that he "hit his artistic maturity" with the album. Robert Christgau remarked on its place in his solo career, "In 1996, Saadiq turned the climactic Tony! Toni! Toné! album into a virtuoso history lesson. Six years later, he tried to dazzle Maxwell in his own reflected glory. Six years later yet again, he outd[id] himself with a fearless return to retro." Elton John, a fan of Saadiq's music since his beginnings with Tony! Toni! Toné!, said that he was "blown away" by "The Way I See It", citing it as "my album of the year – a soul record of the highest quality." He subsequently called Saadiq to congratulate him for the album and ask him to play at his AIDS Foundation Academy Award Party in 2009. In an interview for "Blues & Soul", Saadiq elaborated on the album's impact on his career: "before that record – after I'd been in Tony Toni Tone! and Lucy Pearl – most people had thought 'Oh well, he's a producer now. He’s never gonna be an artist, he's not gonna put the time in' ... "The Way I See It" showed them that yes, I could put the time in still and be an artist!"