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Examples of "outi"
Lutes of several regional types are also common in Greece: laouto, and outi.
Outi is a Finnish female given name, of Karelian and Eastern Finnish origin.
Outi Marjatta Heiskanen (born 1937) is an artist from Finland. She debuted in 1971.
Kuusi's interest in the study of proverbs has been continued by his daughter, Outi Lauhakangas.
Hildén married Outi Haapasalmi in 2010 and they have two children.
Outi Mäenpää (born 24 February 1962) is a Finnish television actress.
Outi Alanne (born 4 May 1967, in Oulu) is a Finnish writer, also known by the pseudonym NeitiNaru.
The guest vocalists on the album and the project include Taru Hallama, Jukka Leppilampi and Outi Terho.
"Not With a Bang, Neither With a Whimper: A fictional narrative about death and assisted suicide." in "Death in Literature", edited by Outi Hakola (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2014).
From January 2009 to December 2012 the editor-in-chief of "Hiidenkivi" was Outi Lauhakangas. The magazine ceased publication in December 2012.
Vapaavuori was born into a bilingual family: his father, Panu, is a Finnish jurist and mother, Gun, was a Swedish teacher. He is married to Outi Laitinen-Vapaavuori, a doctor of veterinary medicine.
Grigoris Asikis () (1890, Istanbul, Constantinople Vilayet – 7 October 1966, Athens) was a Greek singer and songwriter of urban Greek music, "Rembetiko." He wrote lyrics for most of the songs he recorded and played the outi (the Greek oud).
Black Ice () is a 2007 Finnish drama film written and directed by Petri Kotwica. Produced as a Finnish-German joint production, it stars actors Outi Mäenpää, Martti Suosalo and Ria Kataja in a twisted love triangle.
Fionnuala Carson Williams. In Memoriam: Tribute to Professor Bo Almqvist. "Proceedings of the Seventh Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Proverbs, November 2013, at Tavira, Portugal", ed. by Rui J. B. Soares and Outi Lauhakangas, pp. 483-484. Tavira: Tipografia Tavirense. 2014.
Helena Mannervesi is a Finnish orienteering competitor. She received a silver medal in the "relay" event at the 1981 World Orienteering Championships in Thun together with Marita Ruoho, Liisa Veijalainen and Outi Borgenström.
Asikis was the third child of Victor Asikis of Lesbos and Marianthi from the Kontoskali district of Constantinople. Ever since he was a child, he thought he had an exceptional voice and bought an outi at the age of 15. He sang and played the outi for family and friends but did not begin his professional music career until after the Asia Minor Disaster. In 1922, after the Asia Minor Disaster, Asikis and his wife, Eirene Sotiriadou, and two children, Thanasis and Victor, moved to Athens, Greece. They moved to the Vyronas section of Athens and had four more children: Anastasia, Nikolaos, Basiles, and Manolis.
In the 1960s, Divín married Olga Reinišová, a Czech pair skater. They have a son, Peter, who lives in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada with his wife, Outi, and four children Benjamin, Stephanie, Martina and Jack. In 1984, Divín married his second wife, Mirka. From this marriage, he has two stepdaughters, Renata and Jana. He alternates his residency between Surrey and Brno, Czech Republic.
"Black Ice" was nominated for nine Jussi Awards, eventually winning five, including Best Lead Actress (Outi Mäenpää) and Best Film. Petri Kotwica was also nominated for Best Director at the Berlin International Film Festival as was Ria Kataja for her role as Tuuli at the Festroia International Film Festival.
Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto (born 14 June 1966 in Oulu) is a Finnish politician representing the Green League. She was elected to the Finnish Parliament in the parliamentary election of March 2007, and reelected in 2011. In the 2015 parliamentary elections, Alanko-Kahiluoto was again reelected to the parliament with 7,884 votes.
Pyrintö's orienteering section has gained much success during its long existence. World champions Jarkko Huovila and Outi Borgenström have represented Pyrintö, as well as current women's national team members Anni-Maija Fincke and Venla Niemi. Pyrintö has won Jukola relay, Venla relay and Tiomila several times.