Synonyms for outn or Related words with outn

outp              outb              outm              voutn              voutp              inb              outa              sout              outd              outh              vinp              vinn              voutb              outi              srout              outpb              nout              outt              outl              xout              saout              voutm              outx              outc              aout              outf              outr              clkb              dout              cout              ckb              cpout              ckn              outnb              ioutp              vreg              soutb              voutc              vout              vlo              noninverting              qbar              coutn              vneg              opamp              ndrive              vinm              vgl              vhigh              ampout             

Examples of "outn"
On the morning of 24 March 1811 Captain James Macnamara in gave chase to the French frigate "Amazone" about 12 or 13 miles off the Barfleur lighthouse and forced her to take refuge in a rocky bay about a mile to the west of the lighthouse. "Amelia", , and the brig-sloops and , joined "Berwick", hoping to launch an attack with boats. When the tides proved too strong for a boat attack, "Niobe" led in, with "Amelia" and "Berwick" following in succession, and they fired on "Amazone" for two hours, before sailing outn. "Amelia" had one man killed and one wounded in the exchange. The British squadron sailed in again on the following morning to renew the attack but her crew had set fire to "Amazone" and she had burned to the waterline.