Synonyms for overjoyed or Related words with overjoyed

horrified              heartbroken              dismayed              thrilled              astonished              delighted              amazed              saddened              distraught              mortified              elated              disgusted              terrified              aghast              astounded              disheartened              comforted              appalled              incredulous              flabbergasted              dumbfounded              smitten              puzzled              startled              enraged              livid              dejected              amused              humiliated              relents              embarrassed              remorseful              infuriated              grieved              ashamed              jealous              gratified              faints              forgives              disappointed              tearfully              surprised              stunned              hesitates              shocked              chagrined              annoyed              tearful              outraged              flustered             

Examples of "overjoyed"
"Overjoyed" is a song by American alternative rock band Matchbox Twenty. It was released on August 28, 2012 as the second single from their fourth studio album "North". A music video was released for "Overjoyed" on November 2, 2012.
The season ends with Rory and Lorelai, overjoyed to tell each other good news.
Galas 15 and 16: Daniel Zueras Me an Mrs. Jones * Daniel Zueras Overjoyed
Then the parents were mentally overjoyed by their son being born.
"Overjoyed" (duet with Stevie Wonder) (Loved Me Back to Life, 2013)
John 'drags' the stalker boyfriend off leaving Marcus overjoyed that he didn't have to rescue his damsel in distress.
briskly southeast through the canyon to the valley and the Santa Ana River. Overjoyed with the abundance of
To their message the Guardian cabled in reply: ‘Overjoyed, deeply thankful. Appreciate greeting. Loving remembrance Holy Shrine.'
In 2012, Heo released his second mini-album entitled "Solo" in May, participating in the album's planning and production. He also went to Japan to release his first Japanese album entitled "Overjoyed" on September 19 under on the Pony Canyon Japan label."Overjoyed" entered the Japanese Oricon weekly album charts at #29.
Heo Young-Saeng released his first Japanese album entitled "Overjoyed" in Japan on September 19, 2012 under Pony Canyon Japan. It consists of eight songs, including three Japanese versions of songs from his previous Korean mini albums. "Overjoyed" entered the Japanese Oricon weekly album charts at #29.
Overjoyed is a studio album by Heo Young-saeng. His first album to be produced for a Japanese audience, it was released by Pony Canyon on September 19, 2012. The full-length album consists of eleven tracks, including Japanese versions of three songs originally sung in Korean. Heo has also released a DVD titled Heo Young Saeng Concert 2012 – Overjoyed which was recorded live.
Four months after the release of his mini-album in South Korea, Heo released "Overjoyed" on September 19, 2012. His first full-length Japanese studio album, it entered the Oricon Albums Charts at number 29 on the first week of its release. In the same week, Pony Canyon uploaded a four-minute music video of "1.2.3" on YouTube. Following the release of the album, Heo made his first live performance in Japan; "1st Solo Concert in Japan" was held two days after the release of "Overjoyed". Held from September 22 and 24, Heo sang numerous songs from "Overjoyed", as well as the rock version of "Find" and a medley of SS501 songs.
He then receives the employment letter on being temporarily appointed at the Taluk Office replacing Vaishakan on a leave vacancy and is overjoyed.
Overjoyed, Sam informs the media, the police and deliberately disobeys all of the kidnapper's demands, believing this will ensure his wife's death. However...
After 40 years of undistinguished practice Wilfred Morgenhall (Sellers), a cynical and unsuccessful barrister, is overjoyed to be assigned a "dock brief": the defence of an accused murderer.
Returning home, Stewart finds the entire town working in his factory making toys in order to save it. Overjoyed, he declares his life is meaningful.
Even though the club had narrowly avoided relegation, the club's supporters were overjoyed with the choice of manager and the prospect of a bright new start.
Fiona is overjoyed that Geoff is back, so that she can finally see the back of Max, but is surprised when Geoff has other ideas.
By dawn, the earthquake had ceased. The overjoyed people started seeking those nearest and dearest to them, "kissing and embracing and weeping with delight and surprise".
Cho-Cho San sees a naval ship in the distance and is overjoyed at Pinkerton's imminent return, explaining it to her son.