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veetu              thedi              vendum              ullam              thaai              raasa              idhaya              vandha              veettu              meendum              ennai              ulagam              bandham              kaattu              paravaigal              yudham              vasalile              paadum              sollai              iddaru              ezhai              geetham              sivappu              marupakkam              kaaval              vizhigal              kunguma              pondatti              iniyum              manithan              manasu              mazha              gaanam              sabatham              koottam              mounam              ponnu              paravai              paattu              neeye              paarvai              palaivana              indha              mozhi              rendum              kaatru              theerpu              vanakkam              deivam              ithu             

Examples of "paasam"
Oru Koodai Paasam (2009) - Directed by K.Balachandher
Ratha Paasam (English: Blood Relation) is a 1980 Indian Tamil film, produced by Santhi Narayanasamy. The film stars Sivaji Ganesan, Sripriya, M. N. Nambiar and Major Sundarrajan in lead roles. The film had musical score by M S Viswanathan.
Unlike the original, this did not feature the protagonist being killed, a measure which was taken after M. G. Ramachandran's character in an earlier film "Paasam" died and caused negative fan reactions, that resulted in the film's failure.
Thai Thangai Paasam (English: "Mother, Sister Affection") is a Tamil film released in 1995 directed and produced by T. Rajendar. Rajender himself appeared in the title role, whilst the film featured an extensive cast, which also featured Rajendar's three real life children, along with a bevy of supporting actors. The film released on 14 April 1995.
Famous music director of yester years K. V. Mahadevan (who had tuned music for all Devar Films Hits such as Thaikku pin Thaaram, Thaai sollai thattaathe, Thaayaik kaaththa thanayan, Dharmam Thalai Kaakkum, Neethikku pin Paasam, Kudumba thalaivan etc. and Sivaji Starrer films such as Thiruvilaiyaadal, Thiruvarutselvar, Saraswathi Sapatham, Kandan Karunai, Thillaana Mohanambal, Vasantha Maaligai, and the famous musical hit Sankarabaranam) belonged to Krishnancoil.
Cho has acted with Sivakumar in films like Shanmugapriya, Onne Onnu Kanne Kannu, Thai Paasam, Uravu Solla Oruvan, Aan Pillai Singam, Yaarukkum Vetkamillai ,Chinna Kuyil Padudhu, Sattai Illatha Pambaram, Kanna Thorakiran Samy. Among these, Yaarukkum Vetkamillai was directed by Cho in 1976.
He further acted in his father`s movies, including "Thai Thangai Paasam", "Oru Vasantha Geetham", "En Thangai Kalyani", "Enga Veetu Velan", "Monisha En Monalisa", "Oru Thayin Sabhatham", "Samsara Sangeetham", "Shanti Enathu Shanti", "Pettredutha Pillai", "Thiruvalla" and "Sabash Babu". In "Samsara Sangeetham", Silambarasan danced to a song singing "I am a Little Star, Aaaven Naan Super Star".
Needhikkuppin Paasam (English: "After Justice, there is Love") is a 1963 Tamil language drama film directed by M. A. Thirumugam. The film features M. G. Ramachandran, B. Saroja Devi and M. R. Radha in lead roles. The film, produced by Sandow M. M. A. Chinnappa Thevar, had musical score by K. V. Mahadevan and was released on 15 August 1963. The film was super hit at box-office and ran more than 100 days.
In 1951, 18-year-old Sridhar went to AVM Productions with his story "Latchiyavathi" but P. Neelakantan rejected his story. Avvai T. K. Shanmugam was very much impressed by the story and Sridhar wrote the screenplay and dialogues for the drama. It was staged as "Raththa Paasam" and was one of the most successful dramas staged by TKS brothers. Sridhar was proudly taken to the stage and introduced to the audience as the writer. It was later produced jointly by TKS and Jupiter pictures under Jupiter – Avvai Productions where Jupiter pictures recommended some other writer to write the dialogues for the film. It was T. K. Shanmugam who was staunch that Sridhar should write the screenplay and dialogues. Sridhar made his entry into films as a screen writer in "Raththa Paasam". Later AVM Productions produced it in Hindi as "Bhaai Bhaai" starring Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar. The film gave a big commercial break for the music director Madan Mohan.
Paasam is a Tamil language film directed by T. R. Ramanna. It stars M. G. Ramachandran, M. R. Radha, B. Saroja Devi, Sheela and T. R. Rajakumari. The film, produced by R. R. Pictures, has a musical score by Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy and was released on 31 August 1962. The film only ran for 80 days which was considered as bad for an MGR film, however producers recovered 100% money.
Ratha Paasam ("Blood affection") is a 1954 Indian Tamil language drama film directed by R. S. Mani, written by C. V. Sridhar and produced by T. K. Shanmugam. Shanmugam also stars, alongside T. K. Bhagavathi, Anjali Devi, M. S. Draupadi, T. S. Balaiah, N. R. Vidyavathi, M. S. Karuppaiah, Gundu Mani, P. S. Venkatachalam, T. S. Dakshinamurthi, K. R. Seetharaman, K. Saayeeram and T. R. B. Rao.
Krishna bounced back with his lavishly made home production "Paadi Pantalu" in 1976. The film, which dealt with several contemporary agrarian issues, was a runaway hit at the box-office. His performance in "Raja Rajeswari Vilas Coffee Club" - his second film under the Vijaya banner - was also successful. A third film produced by Krishna in that year was the moderately successful "Rama Rajyamloo Raktha Paasam".
The pair of MGR-Saroja Devi gave 26 back to back hit films together which included Thirudathey, Thai Sollai Thattathey, Paasam,Thaayaikaatha Thanayan, Asai Mugam, Periya Idathu Penn, Dharmam Thalaikkakkum, Neethikku Pin Pasam, Pannakkara Kudumbam,Padakoti, Nadodi, Thali Bhagyam, Naan Anayittaal, Petralthaan Pillaiya, Arasa Katalai and Kudumba Thalaivan. Her best performances opposite MGR were the 'rich girl' roles in Anbe Vaa, Enga Veettu Pillai, En Kadamai, Deiva Thai,Kalangarai Vilakkam, Pana Thottam, Parrakkum Pavai and Thayin Madiyil. The women adored her dressing sense and her saris and blouses, ornaments, hairstyles were copied by girls and women.
In her Tamil film career, Rajakumari acted as the female lead to many major film stars including Thyagaraja Bhagavathar, T. R. Mahalingam, K. R. Ramaswamy, P. U. Chinnappa, M. G. Ramachandran and Sivaji Ganesan. She also started a film production company (with her brother T. R. Ramanna) called "R. R. Pictures" and produced films like "Vaazhapirandhavan" (1953), "Koondukkili" (1954), "Gul-E-Bagaavali" (1955), "Paasam" (1962), "Periya Idathu Penn" (1963), "Panam Padaithavan" (1965) and "Parakkum Paavai" (1966). Her last film as an actress was "Vaanampadi" (1963).
Thereafter he was directed to observe severe Tapas in the cave on the western side of Thiruparankundram hill (near Madurai) which he carried out for many years the wakefulness and near starvation diet of Prickly pear. Thereby he acquired divine symbols (sannadams) in his sacred hand – such us Udukai, Trishula, Shankha, Sudarshana Chakra, Villu, Vaal, Gada (mace), Angusam, Paasam, Modhagam, Vel and finally the “Khill Namam" (meaning crescent moon). The Crescent moon is the ultimate divine symbol, which is now used by his followers as a their religion's righteous symbol. His holiness acquiring the holy symbol is commemorated by celebrating the festival of “Kodaayudha Sannathath Thirukkappu Kangganath Thirunall“ in the month of Vaikasi (June).
The period starting from the late 1980s till the late 1990s saw Balachander venturing into Television and making a number of Television series including "Kai Alavu Manasu", "Rail Sneham", "Ramani vs Ramani", "Oru Koodai Paasam", "Kadhal Pagadai", "Premi", "Jannal", and "Anni". Like his earlier films, most of his serials focussed on women, and portrayed them as strong personalities. In 2003, he made "Sahana", that touted to be the sequel of his 1985 film "Sindhu Bairavi". On venturing into Television, he noted "This medium helps to reach out to the public. That's why I am into making serials". In 2009, Balachander returned to theatre after a 40-year hiatus through the play "Pournami", which had Renuka playing the lead role.
He began his career in music by forming a band in school known as Pro-teens which was later renamed to Madras Tunes for a band hunt competition in Sun TV. He then ventured into short films, ad films, documentarties as an independent composer before getting into films. As a part of Madras Tunes he won the band hunt show "Oh La La La" conducted by renowned music director A.R.Rahman and music label Saregama. Post winning and recording an album in Rahman's studio, he went on to write music along with his friend Giridharan for ace director K.Balachander's last stage show "Oru Koodai Paasam" under the stage name "Karthik Iyer". The music of the show was well appreciated with Hindu reviewing the music as "lilting and one of the good production values". He further did more theater works including the one for Dancer Dhananjayans and Olliyum Oliyum production's INSTINCT. Also he worked on several short films including the critically acclaimed Thuvandha Yuddham, Jagathinai Azhithidivom to name a few.
Sheela was introduced to theatre at the age of 13 by Tamil actor S. S. Rajendran. While being a theater artist, she acted in many dramas. She was introduced into the film industry at the age of 17 by director T. R. Ramanna in the Tamil film "Paasam" (1962). M. G. Ramachandran, the hero of the film, added suffixed "Devi" to her name, thus renamed her "Sheela Devi". She would continue to act in Tamil films with the name. Later she reverted her name to "Sheela", her original name. The same year she made her Malayalam debut through "Bhagyajathakam". The next two decades saw her act in more than 475 films totally in various languages such as Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, and Urdu. Her popular films are "Chemmeen", "Kallichellamma", "Velutha Kathreena", and "Vazhve Mayam". In "Kannapanunni", she plays the role of a powerful yet humane princess forced to marry a poor woodcutter. In "Kadathanattu Makkam", she plays the role of a princess who is cheated by her sisters-in-law and false allegations of being in love with a boatman are leveled against her. She and the boatman are both charged with the death sentence.
Apart from her literary contributions, she was well known for her "anti-divorce counselling" work. In a career that spanned over 30 years, Anuradha wrote nearly 800 novels and 1,230 short stories. Her works were mainly centered on family and everyday happenings. One of her early works "Sirai", won a gold medal for the best short story from "Ananda Vikatan". It was adapted into a film of the same name. Following this, her other novels "Kootu Puzhukkal", "Oru Malarin Payanam" and "Oru Veedu Iruvasal" were adapted into films in various languages such as Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. "Oru Veedu Iru Vasal", directed by Balachander won the National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues in 1991. The 1988 Telugu film "Oka Baarya Katha" based on her work won five Nandi Awards. In addition to films, many of her stories such as "Archanai Pookal", "Paasam" and "Kanakanden Thozhi" have been adapted into television serials. She was awarded a gold medal by M. G. Ramachandran, the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
Ashokan's performance as a helpless traveller who gets conned in "Vallavanukku Vallavan", and as the historical Indian character Duryodhana in the mythology film "Karnan" were well received. He was regularly cast in supporting roles as an elder brother or as the father or father-in-law or as the main villain in 59 films with M. G. Ramachandran in the lead role right from Baghdad Thirudan in 1960 to Ninaithadhai Mudippavan in 1975. Some of the popular films with MGR-S.A.Ashokan combination are Arasilangkumari, Thaai Sollai Thattadhe, Thayai Kátha Thanayan, Kudumba Thalaivan, Panathottam, Koduthu Vaithaval, Dharmam Thalai Kaakkum, Periya Idathu Penn, Anandha Jodhi, Panakkara Kudumbam, Needhikkuppin Paasam, Kaanchi Thalaivan, Parisu,Vettaikaaran (1964 film), Dheiva Thaai, Thozhilali, Panam Padaithavan, Aayirathil Oruvan (1965 film), Kanni Thaai, Thazhampoo, Anbe Vaa, Naan Aanaiyittal, Mugaraasi, Chandhrodhayam, Thaali Bhagyam, Thanipiravi, Parakkum Paavai, Petralthan Pillaiya, Thaikku Thalaimagan, Arasa Kattalai, Kaavalkaaran (1967 film),Vivasayee,Ragasiya Police 115,Thaer Thiruvizha, Kudiyirundha Koyil, Kannan En Kadhalan, Oli Vilakku, Kanavan, Pudhiya Bhoomi, Kadhal Vaaganam, Adimaippenn,Nam Naadu (1969 film), Maattukara Velan, En Annan, Thalaivan (1970 film), Thedi Vandha Mappillai, Engal Thangam, Kumari Kottam, Rickshawkaran, Neerum Neruppum, Oru Thaai Makkal, Sange Muzhangu, Nalla Neram, Raman Thediya Seethai (1972 film), Idhaya Veenai, Ulagam Sutrum Valiban, Pattikaattu Ponnaiya, Netru Indru Naalai, Ninaithadhai Mudippavan. His performance as Professor Bhairavan in the M. G. Ramachandran starrer "Ulagam Sutrum Valiban" was considered a "landmark performance". Some of his other well-known performances include the role of Soorapadman in "Kandan Karunai" (1967), an intriguing character role in the AVM Studios hit "Veera Thirumagan", and important roles in "Attukara Allamelu, Adimai Penn, Anbe Vaa, Kaanji Thalaivan, Vivasayee" and "Raman Thediya Seethai".