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Examples of "paddling"
Below is a listing of estimated river mileage and paddling times between canoe access sites. The time estimates are based on moderate paddling experience.
– Junior Varsity & Varsity Boys & Girls Paddling
River otters swim by quadrupedal paddling, forelimb paddling, alternate hind-limb paddling, simultaneous hind-limb paddling, or body and tail dorsoventral undulation. The tail, which is stout and larger in surface area than the limbs, is used for stability while swimming and for short bursts of rapid propulsion. While swimming at the surface, the dorsal portion of the river otter's head, including nostrils, ears, and eyes, is exposed above water. It must remain in motion to maintain its position at the surface.
Hard-pressed paddling in Puava, but at rest in Fagalele.
The RPM is known as Coolest Paddling Marathon in Australia!
Paddling students for discipline is legal in Florida.
There are three classes: motor, experimental and paddling. Not all classes attract competitors each year. The paddling class is the best known and most popular in terms of entries.
Edisto River Canoe and Kayak Trail "ERCK" is a group of volunteers committed to the preservation of the Edisto River, educating people on safe paddling, and emphasizing the enjoyment of paddling. All instructors are American Canoe Association certified.
Ottawa River Canoe Club (ORCC) is a non-profit paddling organization in operation since 2002 and located in the west-end of Ottawa, Canada. The organization offers a variety of recreational and competitive paddling programs for everyone, including:
Jeff Mitchell's book "Paddling Pennsylvania: Canoeing and Kayaking the Keystone State's Rivers and Lakes" describes Lake Jean as being "known for its beauty" and "one of the finest lakes for paddling in Pennsylvania".
Through his production company, he has influenced over 100,000 paddling participants with his instructional books and DVDs, and his online instructional videos have over 10 million views. Ken also regularly appears in virtually every paddling magazine.
He received a Legends of Paddling award from the American Canoe Association.
Fishing, hiking and paddling are among the recreational opportunities along the river.
Confluence Outdoor manages eight separate brands which each specialize in paddling sport boats or accessories.
Leech still trains daily, and delivers training sessions with paddling and cross-training strength exercises.
Corbin is listed as one of the "Paddlers of the Century" by Paddling Magazine.
2008, “Birthplace of the Winds,” Best Adventure Travel film, Reel Paddling Film Festival
Sea-kayak paddles, and the associated paddling styles, fall into three basic classifications:
An intermediate station at the paddling pool was proposed but never built.
Additional activities include Personal water crafts, wakeboarding, sailing, swimming, cruising, paddling, and nature appreciation.