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Examples of "padovano"
Antonello Padovano, is an Italian film director and producer.
Padovano finished his career with Como before retiring in 2001.
12 November 1997 - Michele Padovano, Juventus striker, joins Crystal Palace for £1.7million.
Michele Padovano (born 28 August 1966 in Turin) is an Italian retired football player who played as a striker.
Padovano is an Italian surname meaning "Paduan", "of Padua" or "from Padua". Notable people with the surname include:
In 1566, Padovano left Venice to go to the Habsburg court in Graz. Many Venetian musicians left their native area to seek their fortunes in Habsburg domains, which generally remained friendly to Venice. Padovano became the director of music at Graz in 1570, and died there five years later.
Padovano is majoring in marketing and advertising in college. In May 2011 she graduated magna cum laude with a master's degree in Communications.
The abbot Gasparo Patriarchi, author of the"Vocabolario Veneziano e Padovano" (1775), was buried here. The musical organ (1899) by Domenico Malvestio was moved to the parish church of Valle San Giorgio, in Baone.
Sheldon Reynolds also directed a subsequent eponymous 1956 movie, "Foreign Intrigue", based on the TV series, which starred Robert Mitchum. John Padovano reprised his role of Tony Forrest for the film.
In May 2006, Padovano was arrested by Italian police in Torino over allegation of his implication in hashish traffic. He was later sentenced to 8 years and 8 months in jail.
"Waiting on You" is a song by the American recording artists Ultra Naté and Michelle Williams, taken from Naté's sixth studio album, "Hero Worship" (2012). It was written by Brinsley Evans, Costantino Padovano, Julien Aletti, Raphael Aletti and Femi Williams.
Annibale Padovano (1527 – March 15, 1575) was an Italian composer and organist of the late Renaissance Venetian School. He was one of the earliest developers of the keyboard toccata.
Tombstone sculpture, often inside churches, is richly represented on graves of clergy and lay dignitaries and other wealthy individuals. Jan Maria Padovano and Jan Michałowicz of Urzędów count among the prominent artists.
Padovano originally began her training to become a professional wrestler while still attending jr. high school. Her interest in wrestling stemmed from a middle school boyfriend, who loved it.
Marzemino is known under a variety of synonyms throughout Italy. These include Balsamina , Barzemin, Bassamino, Berzemino Calopico, Bossamino, Magnacan, Marsemina, Marzamino, Marzemin, Marzemino d'Isera, Marzemino gentile, Marzemino Padovano, Merzemina and Uva Tedesco.
In 1565, he is recorded in a court action over a debt of 80 zloties owed by another Italian emigre artist, the sculptor Giammaria Mosca, known as "Padovano", which Caraglio claimed from the executors of yet another Italian, a royal doctor, whose tomb Padovano had completed. Caraglio married a Polish woman and acquired property, and died in Krakow, where he is buried in the Carmelite church. Vasari apparently did not know this, but probably knew that he was buying land near Parma in anticipation of a retirement that never arrived.
Melinda Padovano (born January 28, 1987), better known by her ring name, Alicia, is an American professional wrestler. She has appeared for Shimmer Women Athletes, Women Superstars Uncensored, and has appeared for many independent promotions in the United States, including Ring of Honor and Jersey All Pro Wrestling.
It is important to note that in St. Mark's there were two organs, and two separate organists were appointed to play them: in 1557 Merulo was appointed to the second, smaller organ, while Annibale Padovano remained at the post of first organist.
The word "Pavane" is most probably derived from Italian "[danza] Padovana" , , meaning "[dance] typical of Padua" (similar to Bergamask, "dance from Bergamo"); "pavan" is a dialectal/old form for the modern Italian adjective "padovano" (= from Padua). This origin is consistent with the equivalent form, "Paduana".
During his time with Juventus, Padovano was given his only cap for Italy by manager Cesare Maldini, who played him during the 3-0 home win over Moldova, on 29 March 1997. He came on after 68 minutes, replacing fellow debutant Christian Vieri.