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raavukal              achanum              veettile              thavaru              avarude              parivarthanam              valarthiya              snehicha              padatha              enthino              marikkumo              swapnangal              iniyum              thirakal              thamassu              avalude              moodupadam              orikkal              njangalude              makanum              idanilangal              kanalkattakal              manassoru              puthri              abhinivesham              aparaajitha              sookshikkuka              njaan              dakshayagnam              thulavarsham              pareeksha              sindooram              pennum              nanmakal              veliye              ulladakkam              nimishangal              kanninum              othiri              pinneyum              marumagal              thilakam              bandhanam              varusham              nyayavidhi              anaadha              geetham              sandhyakal              vithukal              mariakutty             

Examples of "painkili"
Muttathu Varkey emerged as one of the popular writers of Malayalam fiction. He along with Kanam EJ was prominent in popularizing a genre of sentiment-filled pulp fiction known as "painkili novel" in Malayalam literature. He was a prolific writer and has penned a total of 132 books, including 65 novels. The rest of his works include collections of short stories, plays, and poetry. Many of his novels were adapted into Malayalam films, including the Prem Nazir starrer "Padatha Painkili" (1957), "Inapravukal" (1965), "Velutha Kathreena" (1968), and "Mayiladum Kunnu" (1972) and the Sathyan starrer "Karakanakadal" (1971) and "Akkarapacha" (1972).
Soft romantic songs like "Indha Minminikku" ("Sigappu Rojakkal"), "Vaan Megangalay" ("Pudhiya Varpugal"), "Malargale Nadha Swarangal" ("Kizhake Pogum Rayil"), "Malargalilay Aaraadhanai" ("Karumbu Vil"), "Kodai Kaala Kaatray" ("Panneer Pushpangal"), "Poove Ilaya Poove" ("Kozhi Koovuthu"), "Thangachangili Minnum Painkili" ("Thooral Ninnu Pochchu"), etc. must be some of the timeless favourites of Tamil film music lovers.
Muttathu Varkey () (28 April 1913 - 28 May 1989) was a Malayalam novelist, short story writer, and poet from Kerala state, South India. Varkey was an exponent of a genre of sentiment-filled romantic fiction known as "painkili (janapriya) novel" in Malayalam literature.
Padatha Painkili (, ) is a 1957 Malayalam social drama film based on the novel of the same name by Muttathu Varkey and directed by P. Subramaniam from a screenplay by Varkey. The film is a social drama that revolves around marriage and dowry problems. It depicts the machinations of a wicked, though wealthy man, against a poverty-stricken, God-fearing school master, with the final defeat of evil in the end. It stars Prem Nazir, Miss Kumari and Shanthi in the lead roles.
Bahadoor made his debut with a minor role in "Avakasi" (1954). At that time he also acted in Akashavani and amateur-professional plays and got established as a good actor. Bahadoor got his first break with his role as "Chakkaravakkal" in Neela Production's "Padatha Painkili". The film which went on to become a big hit marked Bahadoor's presence in the industry. He along with Adoor Bhasi formed a box-office ruling combination and the duo is being compared to Laurel and Hardy. Bahadoor became hero in "Neelisali" and "Mucheettu Kalikkarante Makal".
Muttathu Varkey (1918-89) has a number of popular novels to his credit, such as "Inapravukal" (A Pair of Doves), and "Padatha Painkili" (The Bird that Doesn’t Sing). These works set a trend in story-telling, involving simple domestic characters in their everyday life with their joys and sorrows told in a rather sentimental melodramatic language. No wonder it attracted a vast number of readers and considerably helped to promote the popularity of the novel form. Today it commands the largest readership of all literary forms. It is even said that it contributed to the growth of literacy. They probably dominate the field of serial fiction in the pulp weeklies and magazines and are Kanam EJ (E. J. Philip, 1926-87), Pulinkunnu Antony, Kottayam Pushpanath, P. V. Thampi, Mallika Yunis, M. D. Ratnamma, etc. etc. It is not easy to list the novelists in this category; their name is a legion. Among the more serious and gifted of these novelists are Sarah Thomas (b. 1934, author of "Narmadipudava"), P. R. Syamala (1931-90, author of "Shyamaranyam" among other works), K. B. Sreedevi (b. 1940, author of "Yajnam"), P. Vatsala (b. 1938, author of "Nellu", "Agneyam"), S. K. Marar ( b. 1930, author of "Sharapolimala"), G. N. Panikker (b.1937, author of "Iruttinte Thazhvara") and George Onakkoor (b. 1941, author of "Illam", "Ulkkadal"). Perumbadavam Sreedharan (b. 1938) has several novels to his credit, the best known among them being "Oru Sankeerthanam Pole" (Verily like a Psalm), based on the life of Dostoevsky. Among those who have explored the regional novel with an intense flavour of the local language and local social fabric may be mentioned G. Vivekanandan (1923-99, author of "Kallichellamma") and U. A. Khader (b.1935, author of "Thrikkottoor Peruma"). Several writers are there who portray the decline of the feudal system and of the old order of the joint family, among whom easily the most gifted is M. T. Vasudevan Nair (b.1933), author of a large number of popular favourites like "Nalukettu" (Four-chambered House), "Asuravithu", etc. The landscape and ethos of the Valluvanad region and the transformations undergone by them in the course of the century, involving relics of the tarawad and the communal tensions provide a challenging theme for the highly evocative style of Vasudevan Nair’s narrative art. The novels of V. K. N. (Narayanankutty Nair, 1932-2004) belong to the small subgenre of satirical fiction, not largely explored after C. V. Raman Pillai’s "Premamritam". His "Pitamahan" and "General Chathans" take us to the rarefied world of spoofs, giving us occasions for guffaws of laughter. Malayattoor Ramakrishnan (1927-97) wrote "Verukal" (Roots), depicting the story of his family or community, but he also fictionalised his experience as a senior civil servant in "Yanthram" (The Machine). Something of the latter kind we find in "Chuvappunada" (The Red Tape) by E. Vasu (b. 1939), exposing and denouncing the stranglehold of officialdom in the life of the average citizen. C. Radhakrishnan (b. 1939) is a prolific writer of both novels and short stories, with a wide variety of themes and experimental in the narrative mode. Narayan (b. 1939), perhaps a late entrant in the field, came up with his own account of tribal life, otherwise not adequately presented in Malayalam fiction. His short stories as well as his novelettes like "Kocharethi" have their own special narrative mode and flavour.