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Examples of "paisiello"
Andromeda in "Andromeda" by Giovanni Paisiello (Milan, 1774)
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Luigi Cherubini, Domenico Cimarosa, Giovanni Paisiello, etc.
Some operas mention Frascati, including "La Frascatana "("L'Enfante de Zamora"), 1774, by Giovanni Paisiello
Tetide in "Le nozze di Peleo e Tetide" by Giovanni Paisiello (Naples, 1768)
Giovanni Paisiello (or Paesiello; 9 May 1740 – 5 June 1816) was an Italian composer of the Classical era.
Paisiello was the favourite composer of Napoleon Bonaparte. When Napoleon became First Consul of France in 1801, he invited Paisiello to Paris to become his private "maître de chapelle". The seventy-one-year-old musician was reluctant to leave Naples but King Ferdinand IV pressured him to agree in order to help Franco-Neapolitan diplomatic relations.
His recordings include works of Thalberg, Mozart (complete piano variations), Rachmaninoff, Clara Schumann, Scarlatti, and Paisiello (complete piano concertos). Nicolosi's website provides a complete list.
Giuranna composed works for stage, orchestra, chamber ensemble, chorus, violin, and piano. Giuranna also published arrangements of 18th-century music including Paisiello, Vivaldi and Cimarosa. Selected works include:
Inno al Re (), composed by Giovanni Paisiello, was the national anthem of the southern European kingdom of the Two Sicilies from 1816 until the Italian unification in 1860.
In 1887 she played the part of Giovanni Paisiello, the court composer, in the first staging of Victorien Sardou's drama "La Tosca".
Cordella studied in Naples with Fedele Fenaroli and Giovanni Paisiello. In 1804 he composed his first work, a cantata entitled "La Vittoria dell'Arca contro Gerico". With the help of Paisiello in 1805 he had the possibility to produce in Venice his first opera, "Il ciarlatano", which was appreciated for its comic verve and then performed in other cities in northern Italy, including Milan, Turin and Padua.
Coccia was born in Naples, and studied in his native city with Pietro Casella, Fedele Fenaroli, and Giovanni Paisiello, who introduced him to King Joseph Bonaparte for whom he became the private musician. He wrote his first opera, "Il matrimonio per lettera di cambio", in 1807, but it was a failure; however, the following year, with the help of Paisiello, his second opera, "Il poeta fortunato", was well received.
Napoleon and the Opéra management admired Paisiello's score but it was not a success with the Parisian public. In writing the opera, Paisiello was hampered by his unfamiliarity with the French language and he found it hard to adapt his own style to the conventions of the "tragédie lyrique". "Proserpine" was withdrawn from the Opéra stage after its 13th performance (on 6 December 1803) and was never revived there. Paisiello never wrote another French-language opera and in 1804 he returned to Italy.
Paisiello's "The Barber of Seville" was presented with Nancy Storace: Kelly and Mandini alternated in the role of the Count. When Paisiello came to the court Kelly witnessed his meeting with Mozart. The poet Giovanni Battista Casti also arrived, and in 1784 with Paisiello produced a new opera "Il re Teodoro in Venezia": in the cast including Mandini, Benucci, Bussani, Laschi, Storace and Viganoni, Kelly took the buffo role of "Gaforio", which became his nickname thereafter.
Giovanni Battista Lorenzi (1721–1807) was an Italian librettist. He was born and died in (Naples, and was a friend of Giovanni Paisiello, with whom he collaborated on numerous operas.
A pasticcio with the same title, with some music by Bianchi as well as Paisiello, Guglielmi, Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari, Sarti and Soler was performed at Théâtre Feydeau in Paris on 5 June 1789.
In 1980 she began studying piano and in 1983 she began writing her own songs. She studied at the Conservatory of Taranto "G. Paisiello" : music theory, piano, choral singing, and singing (under the guidance of voice teacher Giacomo Colafelice).
Coltellini was famous for her excellent interpretation of the title role Nina, o sia La pazza per amore by Giovanni Paisiello. Her sister, Annetta also a singer, often accompanied her in the production.
She sang at Martina Franca from 1976 to 1982, as Amenaide, Adalgisa, and in Paisiello operas. She appeared at La Scala from 1978 to 1985, as Aminta, Ginevra, Rodelinda, Giunia, Contessa di Folleville .
Opera: In the 17th century several distinguished composers set to music the Metastasio libretto, Catone in Utica, among them, Leonardo Leo, Leonardo Vinci, J.C. Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Handel, Paisiello, Jommelli, Johann Adolf Hasse and Piccinni, in two versions.