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Examples of "pajot"
Marc Pajot accumulates national and international titles :
Vincent Pajot (born 19 August 1990) is a French footballer who plays for Saint-Étienne. He primarily plays as a defensive midfielder. Pajot is a France youth international having earned caps at under-20 and under-21 level.
Fountaine-Pajot is a maritime construction company that specialises in catamarans both for leisure and sea use. The company was founded in 1976 by Jean François Fountaine and Yves Pajot, in the town of Aigrefeuille-d'Aunis, in Charente-Maritime.
Won an Award of Excellence for Creativity/Originality with julia Pajot.
The company was run by 3 generations of the family. Their grandson Louis Leon Pajot,
Won Awards of Merit Special Mention for Creativity/Originality and for Concept with julia Pajot.
The Royal French Postal services were operated by Leon Pajot and Louis Rouillé.
Won an Award of Excellence for Creativity/Originality with julia Pajot.
Fontaine-Pajot made its home at Aigrefeuille d'Aunis, and has become the first in the world for cruise catamarans.
Marc Pajot has so far crossed 15 times the Atlantic ocean as a skipper, crew member, or single handed.
On 2 June 2015, Pajot signed for Saint-Étienne on a free transfer on four-year deal.
They were built at La Rochelle in the naval shipyards of Fountaine-Pajot, the world leader in ferry catamarans.
"Aigrefeuille Aunis" houses the headquarters of the world leading manufacturer of cruising catamarans: "Fountaine Pajot". Fountaine Pajot has been established since 1976 in the "Fief-Girard" inustrial zone and is now the largest employer in town with about 250 staff. Since 1983 the company has delivered 1,668 catamarans of 21 different models".
The 2016 Pajot Hills Classic was the first edition of the Pajot Hills Classic, a women's bicycle race in Belgium. It was held on 30 March 2016 over a distance of starting and finishing in Gooik. It was rated by the UCI as a 1.2 category race.
The Societe Nautique de Marseilles challenge began with the purchase of "France 3" and "Challenge 12" and the confirmation of skipper Yves Pajot, brother of Marc Pajot ("French Kiss" syndicate skipper). However, soon after the construction of "Challenge France" that the syndicates financial position became known, and it was in deep financial difficulty.
The company was founded and is managed by Eric Bruneel, formerly of Fountaine-Pajot, a large and established manufacturer in the same area with a catamaran focus.
During those 25 years of competitions, Marc Pajot has managed and overseen the conception and creation of over 15 boats from 45 to 100 ft.
Builders include Corsair Marine (mid-sized trimarans) and Privilege (large catamarans). The Seawind, Perry and Lightwave. The largest manufacturer of large multihulls is Fontaine-Pajot in France.
The Pajot Hills Classic is an elite women's professional one-day road bicycle race held in Belgium and is currently rated by the UCI as a 1.2 race.
Since 2000 Marc Pajot has also become a yacht broker providing yacht selection services and does consultancy in Marina landscaping around the world.