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palaeography              epigraphy              codicology              egyptological              patristics              diplomatics              assyriology              philology              philological              chrestomathy              numismatics              dialectology              aljamiado              papyrology              papyrological              americanist              onomastics              mythography              runiform              hebraic              sanscrit              textology              sinology              epigraphical              philologists              hymnology              cabala              patristic              priscian              dialectological              complutensian              egyptology              palaeographer              grammatology              midrashic              sinaitic              archeology              coptology              garshuni              folkloristics              demotic              graeco              slavistics              epigrapher              yosippon              lexicology              grammaticae              sigillography              epigraphic              mandaic             

Examples of "paleography"
1985-86 University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, Istituto di Paleografia Course in Greek Paleography
49. Album of Armenian Paleography (Editor-in-Chief, with D. Kouymjian and H. Lehmann). Aarhus, Denmark: Aarhus University Press, 2002
There are also special collections in the history of science, linguistics, Near Eastern languages and civilizations, paleography, and Sanskrit.
Edward Potkowski (born 1934) is a Polish historian. His specialization includes history of the medieval period and paleography.
During Dmitriev's 30-years pedagogical work he created a large number of university courses, including Turkic paleography.
He was also professor of paleography at the École des Chartes (1846) which he headed from 1857 to 1871.
His interests include Chaucer, Langland, Dante, medieval Latin, Old English, the history of the English language, paleography and golf.
Mikhail Nikolayevich Tikhomirov (31 May 1893 — 2 September 1965) was a leading Soviet specialist in medieval Russian paleography.
Yefim Fyodorovich Karskiy (, ; , older name form); (1 January 1861 (20 December 1860) – 29 April 1931) was a Belarusian-Russian linguist-Slavist, ethnographer and paleographer, founder of Belarusian linguistics, literary studies and paleography, a member of numerous scientific institutions, and author of more than 100 works on linguistics, ethnography, paleography and others.
This introduction to Latin Paleography internet course was developed by Professor Bernard Muir of the University of Melbourne and is offered by the ACMRS. This course in codicology and paleography offers training in the transcription of thirty-six western European book hands representing the period AD 200-1500.
Analoguous to phonetics, the "etic" counterpart of graphemics is called graphetics and deals with the material side only (including paleography, typography and graphology).
53. Album of Armenian Paleography (Editor-in-Chief, with D. Kouymjian and H. Lehmann). Etchmiadzin: Catholicossate of All Armenians, 2006. (Armenian)
Professor Hasenohr continues to publish careful studies of Latin and French manuscripts, with expertise in medieval philology, paleography, French literature, Christian spirituality, and women's writing.
Chacón was an expert on ancient Graeco-Roman and Paleo-Christian epigraphy, the Medieval paleography and manuscripts, besides the history of the papacy.
Although the fragment has been analysed and dated paleographically, as Brent Nongbri said, the dating of a such small fragment on account of paleography is not appropriate.
Dalton's research focuses on Tantra in Tibet during the 11th century as it can be studied using the cache of documents found at Dunhuang. He has also done pioneering work on Tibetan paleography.
The Jizhong (汲冢 or Jijun 汲君, northern part of present Henan) discovery in AD 279 is an important event in the paleography of ancient China, recorded in the "Book of Jin".
Foresti holds a university degree in musicology from the University of Cremona, School of Musical Philology and Paleography, and master's degree in music therapy from the Art-Therapy School in Lecco.
He was appointed Vice-Prefect of the Vatican Secret Archives by Pope John Paul II on 30 January 1995, and a few days later he was appointed Vice-Director of the Vatican School of Paleography, Diplomatics and Archives Administration.
The historian and politician Michel Castaing (1918–2004), the Castaings' younger son, was a famous expert in paleography. Michel's son, Frédéric Castaing, is a specialist in autographs and also a novelist.