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Pamper Parties may also be organized as a variation to a girl's birthday party for slightly older children where the theme of the event seeks to mimic an adult pamper party in a safe environment such as a parents' home.
These events combine elements of children's parties (such as party-bags) with elements of adult pamper parties (such as cosmetics and well-being) in a child-friendly manner with "pamper baskets" typically being given to younger guests.
- The comfort of an assisted service that will aid and pamper you after your plastic surgery procedure
Pamper parties are usually held in the hostess's home although they are sometimes offered by spas and salons. In the UK, a pamper party is a popular component of a hen party or hen weekend (this would be termed a bachelorette party in the US).
Alpo is also known for its marketing campaigns that target the owners of "real dogs," making light of consumers who pamper their dogs.
A pamper party (or pampering party) is a female-oriented party where each guest receives beauty and massage treatments and generally spends time indulging and pampering themselves.
Pamper parties are usually considered to be a healthy indulgence so in addition to pampering treatments, the hostess usually provides healthy snacks, fruit juices and smoothies.
"Ah, but the truth is like an expensive whore, Jerek. She comes in many dresses and will bend over for any with the money to pamper her." ~ Konrad von Carstein
Various suggestions have been made as to the meaning of the name Pumpherston. One writer suggested it was from 'pamper', a short thickset man; another suggested it was from 'pundler', the official in the middle ages who impounded stray cattle. [A more likely] derivation is from [Brythonic] 'ap Humphrey' meaning son of Humphrey.
Mahotsav is a delight for the connoisseurs of good food as it is the ideal place to pamper the taste buds of the visitors with endless varieties of scrumptious dishes as a wide range of cuisines are available at the festival, including Kesaria Doodh, Kabab-parathas and other mouth watering non-vegetarian exotic dishes.
The route so helped enhance trade between the ancient Roman Empire and the Indian subcontinent, that Roman politicians and historians are on record decrying the loss of silver and gold to buy silk to pamper Roman wives, and the southern route grew to eclipse and then totally supplant the overland trade route.
"Touch Me" is a song written by country music singer Willie Nelson. Leveraged by the success of his songs, Nelson moved to Nashville in 1960. Through songwriter Harlan Howard, Nelson was signed to write for Pamper Music, and to a recording contract with Liberty Records.
As part of the worldwide movement to implement a PBB approach and to develop tools that will make it easier to shift to PBB, the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI) set up projects to map the processes that are part of Whole Life Cycle Management as "Portfolio and Asset Management: Performance (PAMPeR) and Early Design” (ED)."
Anita's first appearance on Ghanaian TV scene was in 2006, hosting TV3's Mentor. Anita was a presenter on DSTV "Studio 53" where she hosted TV shows; "Making of a Mogul", "Pamper Your Mum" and "Cooking With". In Ghana, she was once a Corporate Communications Director of Tigo owned by Millicom.
Everyone gives an example: Marshall did a high school classmate's homework and was her "secret boyfriend", Robin allows her pre-morning show cameraman to pamper her, and Lily's high school flame, Scooter (David Burtka), works at her school as cafeteria staff, where she doesn't exactly tell him that a romantic relationship is impossible.
Bichons were "the" court dogs of medieval Europe, especially finding favor in France, Italy and Spain. The French word "bichonner," which means to pamper or doll up, derives from the be-ribboned and lavish lifestyle enjoyed by the bichon of Henry III of France (reigned 1574-1589), which was carried in a little basket wherever the King went.
Miller and Neuticles were featured on an episode of the Penn & Teller show "" which featured the extremes people will go to in order to pamper and care for their pets, including the implantation of Neuticles, which was shown as an example of some pet owners' desires to reduce what they perceived as stress and/or depression after being neutered.
The centre is open to the paying public with attractions such as public talks, feeds and presentations, "Animal Adoptions", "Meet the Meerkats", "Junior Keeper for a Day" and "Pamper a Pony" experiences. They also offer educational visits for schools and animal-themed birthday parties for wildlife-loving youngsters.
The term is also used in compound words, including "tango pirate," popularized in the early 20th century to describe gigolos who sought out wealthy women at dances. The terms "butt pirate" or "ass pirate" or "poo pirate" have been used as sexual slurs for gay men. The term "Pamper pirate" has been used to describe a child molester.
A more positive review in '' concludes that the album "is a fascinating live document ... that demonstrates the many facets of the NDW icon who stylistically oscillates here between pop, rock, indie and electro and who, with her outstanding live qualities, knows how to pamper in an intimate setting".v