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Examples of "panagopoulos"
Leonidas Panagopoulos (, born 3 January 1987) is a Greek footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Ionikos.
Since 1988 Nicolas Panagopoulos lives in Greece, where he devotes his time to composition and music education.
He was born in Agrinio in 1883 and to Anastasis Panagopoulos, a trader whose origin was from Kalavryta. Andreas studied in a private school in Corfu. He became involved in the tobacco industry, and founded the Panagopoulos Bros. firm, one of the most famous tobacco companies in Greece.
On 16 October 2006, Kasmeridis made his debut for the Greece under-21 in a friendly match against Ethnikos Asteras as a second-half substitute for Leonidas Panagopoulos. He went on to make 6 appearances in 2007, with Panagopoulos and Kasmeridis swapping places in the starting lineup, and 2 appearances in 2008, all of which as a starter.
“I am here to convey Greek President and Government’s warmest regards. We shall never forget your brotherly act,” the Ambassador of Greece to Serbia Christos Panagopoulos said.
Andreas Panagopoulos (, 1883 - 1952) was a Greek politician and four times mayor of Agrinio, being considered one of the city's most important mayors.
Costas Panagopoulos is an American professor of political science and director of the Center for Electoral Politics and Democracy at Fordham University in New York. Panagopoulos' areas of research include campaigns and elections, voting behavior, political psychology and communication, media and public opinion, campaign strategy and campaign finance. He is the editor-in-chief of "American Politics Research" and has been a member of the decision desk team at NBC since 2006.
Panago (originally Panagopoulos) is a privately owned quick service pizza chain with 174 franchised locations in Canada, 151 of which are in British Columbia and Alberta. It is headquartered in Abbotsford, BC where in 1986 the first three stores opened.
In 1979, subsidized by the French Ministry of Culture, Panagopoulos conducted research on the new music notation and dealt with the potential relations between vision and hearing, a method adapted on his compositions.
The 7 September 2007, Defense Minister, Dragan Šutanovac and the Ambassador of Greece to Serbia, Christos Panagopoulos, welcomed the pilots and technicians of Jat Airways who assisted in extinguishing the fires in Greece, at the Lisičji Jarak Airport.
Pericles Panagopoulos is a Greek shipping magnate. In 1972 in partnership with Barney Ebsworth he formed Royal Cruise Line. The m/s Golden Odyssey was the company's first cruise ship. Built in Helsingor Shipyard and delivered in 1974, she was designed to carry 450 passengers as this was the capacity of the 747 Jumbo Jet airplane. The company grew with the addition of the 850-passenger Royal Odyssey in 1982 and the 1000-passenger Crown Odyssey in 1988 before getting acquired by Kloster Cruises in 1989. In 1993, Periklis Panagopoulos co-founded with his son Alexander Superfast Ferries, as part of the Attica Group, an Athens-listed holding corporation.
He is also Adjunct Professor of Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences at Columbia University and previously founded and directed the Master's Program in Political Campaign Management at New York University. Panagopoulos has been a research associate, visiting professor, and fellow at the Center for the Study of American Politics and the Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS) at Yale University. He was the 2004 congressional fellow of the American Political Science Association. Panagopoulos received his A.B. "magna cum laude" from Harvard University and a Ph.D. from New York University.
Nicolas Panagopoulos is a Greek composer of contemporary music. Born in Athens in 1954, he studied piano and music theory at the National Conservatory of Athens. He continued his studies with a scholarship from the French government at the National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance (CNSMDP).
The majority of the local population was occupied for an important period of time in the tobacco industry, from the last decades of 19th till the end of the 20th century. Big tobacco companies were founded in the city, including the famous Papastratos, alongside Panagopoulos and Papapetrou. Agrinion is also agriculturally known for its production of Agrinion olives.
Among others, the Dia Art Foundation's board includes collectors Frances Bowes and Howard Rachofsky. Under new director Jessica Morgan's leadership, the Greek shipping magnate George Economou, Ra Hee Hong Lee, Irene Panagopoulos, Jane Skinner and James Murdoch joined. Artist trustees have included Brice Marden, Robert Ryman, and George Condo.
The Embassy of Greece in Washington, D.C. is the Hellenic Republic's diplomatic mission to the United States. It is located at 2217 Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest, Washington, D.C. in the Embassy Row neighborhood, near Sheridan Circle. The Embassy complex consists of four buildings. The current ambassador is Christos P. Panagopoulos.
Beata Kitsikis (; July 14, 1907, Heraklion, Cretan State - February 7, 1986, Athens), was a Greek feminist and a Communist fighter in the Greek Civil War at the end of the Second World War. She was born Merope Petychakis (). Her husband was Nicolas Kitsikis and her son was Dimitri Kitsikis. She also had two daughters, both University professors, Beata Maria Panagopoulos (Kitsikis), an American citizen, and Elsa Schmid-Kitsikis, a Swiss citizen.
A special vehicle called the Ontos carried six M40s. A version specific to the T195E5 mount, the M40A1C, was used. It was used only by the U.S. Marine Corps. Japan produced a self-propelled gun called the Type 60, which carried two side by side. Some Pakistani M113s have a dual mounting. Three Panagopoulos coastal patrol boats class of the Hellenic Coast Guard and the Hellenic Navy in service of 1976-2003 was armed with two sextuples M40.
In June 2008 Greece's ambassador to Serbia Christos Panagopoulos said Greece consistently backs Serbia’s development and wants it to assume its place in the EU. He stated that political leadership of Greece wish is for Serbia to take its place in the European family and that Greece believes that is the best for Serbia and for regional stability. According to Panagopoulos, Greece is conducting a policy of support to Serbia’s development and improving the lives of its citizens, as reflected in the large aid that Serbia received after 2000, as well as investments that exceed 2.5 billion EUR. He recalled that in 2001 and 2002 the serious situation in the country dictated that aid was predominantly of a humanitarian character, but that this was followed by development aid. Greece adopted an important aid program, dubbed the "Hellenic Plan for the Economic Reconstruction of the Balkans", which earmarked 230 million EUR for Serbia. The bulk of this sum, about 80 percent, was intended for infrastructure, including Corridor X, which was a priority both for Serbia and Greece. Of the overall costs of construction of Corridor 10, amounting to about 300 million EUR, 100 million will constitute a net donation from the Greek government. He underlined that one of Athens and its Belgrade-based embassy’s goals was the promotion of economic relations, which had a very positive dynamism, since Greece topped the list of countries making direct and indirect investment in Serbia. He said that Greece is present in all strategic branches of the economy, meaning that Greek investors came to Serbia to stay and that Greek investment will create more than 27,000 jobs for Serbian citizens. Panagopoulos expressed his hope that this trend would shortly be expanded with Serbian investment in Greece.
Westmoor High School's Drama Program puts on four productions every year; a fall medley production, a spring musical, a student written and directed health production, and a spring play. The program director is Peter Panagopoulos. All productions are performed for the community in the Betty Schultz Theatre at Westmoor High School. The Drama Program recently won recognition from the Ohlone College High School Theatre Festival for their productions of "Les Misérables", "The King & I", "In the Heights", and "Miss Saigon" by placing in the top three musicals. The Drama Program focuses on teaching the basic elements to stage performance in acting, vocal technique, and choreography.