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Examples of "pangani"
Pangani is a town in northeast Tanzania that lies 45 km south of Tanga, at the mouth of the Pangani River. It is the headquarters of Pangani District.
The Pangani District is administratively divided into 13 wards:
The district is drained by tributaries of the pangani river.
It has also been introduced into the Pangani River basin.
Pangani Falls Dam is a dam in Tanzania, which is part of the Pangani Hydro Systems. The dam is located at Koani in the Muheza District of the Tanga Region, about 8 km south of another power station at Hale. The Pangani falls power station has two turbines and has an installed capacity of .
The Pangani robber ("Rhabdalestes tangensis") is a species of fish in the Alestidae family. It is found in the Tanga and Pangani River drainages, including Lake Jipe, in Tanzania and Kenya. Its natural habitats are rivers and lagoons.
Formerly the main course towards the sea was alternatively called "Ruvu" and "Pangani". Nowadays that has been settled as "Pangani" from the Nyumba ya Mungu reservoir to the Ocean.
Average monthly flow of Pangani measured at the hydrological station in Korogwe Estate, about 110 km above the mouth in m³ / s (1959–77). The Pangani flows stimulate time-dependent, like most rivers in the region.
Pangani traditionally had a large Asian population, who have mostly either emigrated or moved to the more upmarket areas of Westlands and Parklands. Today, Pangani remains a cosmopolitan neighbourhood, featuring a mix of Somalis, Ethiopians and Sudanese.
Mkulumuzi River is a river of Tanzania. It is part of the Pangani River basin.
The Hale Dam is the oldest operation dam currently in the country. The Pangani river basin had been a source of power since the early colonial times for Tanganiyka. The lower Pangani power plant was established at Pangani Falls by a German company as early as 1936. With the growing Tanga region and the close proximity to Mombasa, the government decided to construct a new Hydro electric power plant in Hale.
Msangazi River is a river of Tanzania. It is part of the Pangani River basin.
According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of the Pangani District was 44,107.
The red Pangani barb ("Barbus venustus") is a species of ray-finned fish in the family Cyprinidae.
It is found in the Mtera Dam, Kidatu Dam, Lake Jipe, the Pangani River, Rufiji River and Ruaha River.
Maziwe reef was set aside as a 'no use' conservation zone under the Pangani/Ushongo Community Conservation Program in 1994.
In the 1830s the Zigula people obtained arms and used them to take control of the Pangani River valley.
For men the traditional clothing is the pangani. This type of clothing is mostly referred by the Afro American tribe.
A predominantly ground-dwelling bird, the Pangani longclaw inhabits grasslands, to an altitude of 1800 m (5500 ft).
fueled by competition for the new wealth that the caravan trade in the Pangani valley had brought to the region.