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Examples of "pangkajene"
Pangkajene Islands Regency (more accurately Pangkajene and Islands Regency - "Kabupaten Pangkajene Dan Kepulauan") is a regency of South Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. Notwithstanding the name, the regency lies primarily on the mainland of Sulawesi's southern peninsula, but includes the Spermonds Islands ("Kepulauan Spermonde") off the west coast of that peninsula. The principal town lies at Pangkajene, but there are a series of further towns like Lejang, Labakkang, Bontobonto and Segeri proceeding northwards from Pangkajene along the Trans-Sulawesi Highway.
Sop saudara was created by Haji Dollahi, he worked for Haji Subair, a famous Coto Makassar traditional meat soup seller in Makassar circa 1950s. Both men hailed from a town in Pangkajene Islands Regency (Pangkajene Kepulauan or Pangkep) and made their business in selling traditional meat soup.
The Pangkajene is a river of south-western Sulawesi, Indonesia, north of Makassar. It flows into the Polong River and Tangnga River near the sea at , near the village of the same name. Upstream, the stretch of river is known as the Koraja River. The rock of the river is Jurassic Paremba Sandstone and contains many shallow marine sedimentary rocks and crystalline schists. The fossilized remains of plants have been discovered in the Pangkajene area.
One of telecommunications facilities in the district are Sidenreng Rappang Postal Service. The number of existing service facilities Heading 4 (four) pieces Pangkajene the Post Office, Post Office Rappang, Amparita Post Office and Post Office Tanru Tedong.
The park is in Maros Regency, 50 kilometers to the north of Makassar (one hour drive) or just 20 kilometers from Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport (30 minutes drive). Most of the Karst formations are tall and steep at almost a 90 degree angle line along both sides of the road from Maros city to Bantimurung continuing on up to the Pangkajene Islands Regency.
Sidenreng Rappang Regency (the name is often abbreviated to "Sidrap") is a regency of South Sulawesi Province in Indonesia. It has an area of and a 2010 population of 278,004. Its capital is Pangkajene. The original inhabitants of this area are Bugis, who worship, obey and uphold the tradition of mutual respect and mutual help. Mosques abound.
On 15 October 1905, the governor of Sulawesi sent a letter to the king of Gowa, I Makkulau Karaeng Lembagaparang, inviting him to negotiate at Ujung Pandang. The letter was accompanied by the ultimatum that if he did not respond by 18 October, Gowa would be besieged. The Gowan fortresses of Balangnipa, Camba, Pangkajene and Galesong were fortified to resist the Dutch.
Bungoro is a district in Pangkajene Islands Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It was visited by Portuguese ships from 1542 to 1948. On May 30, 2011, a fire gutted 2 of PT Semen Tonasa IV machines in Bungoro and halted the production for 10 days with financial losses of about Rp.45 billion ($5.3 million). The plant was owned by PT Semen Gresik Group (Semen Indonesia).