Synonyms for panicking or Related words with panicking

panicked              panics              faints              terrified              taunts              sobbing              startled              drunkenly              hallucinating              furiously              frantically              hysterically              hurrying              overpowers              angering              suffocates              helplessly              hesitates              taunting              swerved              frightens              sulking              yells              fleeing              dumbfounded              disorientated              torturing              subdues              suspecting              viciously              swerves              startles              harasses              stuns              nervously              enraging              suffocating              suffocated              flees              enraged              incapacitates              hallucinates              distraught              thrashes              dejected              tormenting              yelling              panicky              spooked              intimidates             

Examples of "panicking"
"Panic" Raymond keeps panicking over the slightest task and then a cat runs loose on the train.
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Catsby (캣츠비, RR: "Kaetcheubi", M-R: "K'aetch'ŭbi"): The main character of the series. He is usually carefree, but is often depressed, and sometimes prone to panicking.
In "" a massive "T. rex" attacked Blackadder and Baldrick and after a few panicking moments thanks to Baldricks foolproof goof the predator was killed by his underpants.
Amenemope's lack of experience causes him not to be apprehensive when he should be and then panicking when he should remain calm.
In this Leg's Roadblock, one team member had to be buried alive in a wooden crate, simulating the actions of the American Mafia, and had to remain buried for 10 minutes without panicking.
Between 1970 and 1972, when prototype Concorde 002 made 20 flights over the Irish Sea, the Government paid £40,000 in damages for cracked and broken windows, slates falling from roofs, panicking farm animals and frightened people.
The three shake hands and are about to continue with the matter of the money, when Chi-Chi yells, warning them of a typhoon. The book ends with Jacky panicking about the fast approaching storm.
Despite this assurance, disruption broke out in the city of Stanleyville (now Kisangani in the eastern Congo) among the white population panicking about the future of the colony and the threat of an Italian invasion.
It grabs her, and without even panicking, she grabs a letter opener and stabs it. The beast is wounded, but not downthat is until the day is saved by the Middleman.
By mid-1984, the PCjr had experienced months of bad publicity. Sales were poor despite the discounts, and dealers were panicking; Steven Levy wrote "The machine has the smell of death about it."
McGhee improved as an athlete from his freshman year to his sophomore year. Eastern Washington University's defensive coordinator John Graham said, “Nothing seems to rattle him, and I think he’s maybe even staying in the pocket longer and not panicking and taking off running as much as he did as a freshman.”
Without warning, Blair calls on Christmas Eve to announce she's at Miami International Airport, "en route" home with her Peruvian fiancé to surprise her parents. She's anxious to introduce Enrique to her family's holiday traditions, and when she asks if they're having their usual party that night, a panicking Nora says, "Yes", much to Luther's dismay.
Where it is necessary to approach a panicking person in deep water, it is advised that the rescuer approach with a buoyant object, or from behind, twisting the person's arm on the back to restrict movement. If the rescuer does get pushed under water, they can dive downwards to escape.
In a medical clinic, a nurse escapes to the shops from a room, locking it just before someone inside can rape her. Inside the room, a group of people are screaming, panicking and self-mutilating; one man—Frank Black (Lance Henriksen)—begins pounding on a reinforced glass window until his fists bleed.
Bob gives a good account of his life and attempts to pardon himself, while John (panicking over possible jail time for the assault) refuses to call emergency help for Bob (still blind). In the end Bob convinces John to call an ambulance, before another violent outburst sends John into a psychotic frenzy, in which he beats Bob to death with a ceramic sculpture.
Hearing of Wang Zhaoyuan's and Zhao's capture, Meng Chang was panicking and initially could not decide what to do. He consulted the remaining senior officers. Shi Fengjun advocated defending Chengdu, believing that the Song army could not persist in a siege. Meng, however, rejected that idea, stating:
This would be the last appearance of Roger Delgado as the Master, his final scene being the confusion outside the TARDIS with his shooting the Doctor, perhaps accidentally, then disappearing with the panicking Ogrons. Roger Delgado was killed in a car crash in Turkey less than three months after this episode's UK broadcast.
The present participle form, which is also used for the gerund, is formed by adding the suffix "-ing" to the base form: "go" → "going". A final silent "e" is dropped ("believe" → "believing"); final "ie" changes to "y" ("lie" → "lying"), and consonant doubling applies as for the past tense (see above): "dab" → "dabbing", "panic" → "panicking".
In 1953, two tempeh bongkrèk makers in Dukuh Paruk, a small hamlet in Banyumas, Central Java, accidentally sell poisoned tempeh, which kills many residents, including the much respected "ronggeng" (local traditional dancer). The residents of the hamlet begin panicking and rioting, causing the tempeh makers to commit suicide. Their daughter, Srintil, survives and is raised by her grandfather Sakarya (Landung Simatupang).