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crnogorska              sarajevska              kraljevsko              organizacija              balgarski              srednje              dolnja              kungota              borova              nacionalna              svyat              hrvatsko              medvode              srednji              vrbica              boroseni              celovec              vazduhoplovstvo              neuzina              asocijacija              privredna              kupinovo              prevalje              bukovlje              ratno              jazovo              vojnik              sakalas              enciklopedia              vijeku              gradska              topolovac              ostrva              varvarin              nakovo              ilino              ankaran              drustvo              svrljig              ljuta              visoka              jugoslovensko              slovenije              srbija              jugoslovenski              policajac              kauno              sovljak              filharmonija              lisac             

Examples of "panonska"
Tuzlanski pilsner; Erster beer; Tuzlanski kiseljak; Panonska ledena
In Hungarian, the basin is known as "Kárpát-medence", in Serbian and Bosnian as "Панонски басен/ Panonski basen" and "Panonska nizija", in Croatian as "Panonska nizina", in Slovak as "Panónska kotlina", in Slovenian as "Panonska kotlina" and in German as "Pannonisches Becken", in Romanian as "Câmpia Panonică" or "Bazinul Panonic".
In Hungarian, the plain is known as "Alföld" , in Slovak as "Veľká dunajská kotlina", in Romanian as "Câmpia Tisei" or "Câmpia de Vest", in Croatian as "Panonska nizina", in Serbian as "Panonska nizija", and in Ukrainian as "Тисо-Дунайська низовина".
However, as of January 1, 2008, Panonska banka has been merged into Banka Intesa Beograd.
As a result of the August 2006 merger of Banca Intesa and Sanpaolo IMI banking groups, since January 1, 2007 Banca Intesa Beograd operated as member of the newly formed Intesa Sanpaolo group. Since Sanpaolo IMI owned Panonska banka in Serbia, a decision had to be made about the new group's future structure in Serbia. Initially, Banca Intesa Beograd and Panonska banka remained as separate entities.
Carlsberg Croatia is a brewery in Koprivnica, Croatia. Its name before March 1, 2004 was "Panonska pivovara". Carlsberg Croatia is part of the Carlsberg Group. The Managing Director of Carlsberg Croatia in 2004 was "Jørn Pedersen".
The Pannonian dialect group ("panonska narečna skupina"), or northeastern dialect group, is a group of closely related dialects of Slovene. The Pannonian dialects are spoken in northeastern Slovenia (Prekmurje, in the eastern areas of Slovenian Styria), and among the Hungarian Slovenes.
The Panonian League (Croatian and Serbian: Panonska Liga, Панонска Лига) was one of the multi-nation hockey leagues in Europe. The league was established in 2002 and originally comprised teams from Hungary, Romania and Croatia. HK Vojvodina became the first Serbian team to join the league in 2003-04. The league was temporarily abandoned after 2003-04 when Hungarian and Romanian teams went on to establish their own joint league, called MOL Liga. The Panonian League was revived in 2007 with Croatian and Serbian teams. In total there were four seasons, from 2002 to 2004, and from 2007 to 2009.
Prekmurje Slovene, also known as Pannonian Slovene, East Slovene, or Wendish (, , Prekmurje dialect: "prekmürski jezik, prekmürščina, prekmörščina, prekmörski jezik, panonska slovenščina"), is a supradialectal regional variety of Slovene. It is used in private communication, liturgy, and publications by authors from Prekmurje. It is spoken in the Prekmurje region of Slovenia and by the Hungarian Slovenes in Vas County in western Hungary. It is closely related to other Slovene dialects in neighboring Slovene Styria, as well as to Kajkavian with which it retains partial mutual intelligibility and forms a dialect continuum with other South Slavic languages.
After the last war in this region, Pivara Tuzla has been forced to look up for the new products considering decrease in sale in relation to the pre-war period. During the last war, the adopted project set the development course for the "additional" programme. In that sense, the production line for filling of 1,5 and 2 litres PET bottles for juice and mineral water was established in 1996. As well as production line for filling of cans in volume of 330 and 500ml which serves production of beer and soft drinks. Since November 2010 Pivara Tuzla d.d. started production of Panonska Ledena soft drinks made by high quality natural base with tastes of Lemon, Orange and Cola. All soft drinks are fill in pet bottles of 0,5 and 2 litres under strict quality control regime. On the 16.9.2011 Tuzlanska pivara officials announced start of producing dark ale under name of Premium Dark, production of dark ale stopped in 1970. Few months before announcing, beer has been tested in few pubs in proximity of Pivara.