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donkioporia              tuberaster              lepideus              tuberregium              phaeolus              helotium              dentocorticium              truncospora              dictyophera              nigroporus              gastrocybe              lenzites              pholiotella              paxillus              glenospora              passalora              hirschioporus              collybia              bridgeoporus              laschia              quercina              tomentifolium              gymnoglossum              trametella              leptomyces              condelleana              lschnoderma              echinodontium              microspora              leptotus              calospora              squarrolosus              tomentoporus              lampteromyces              galeromycena              omphalia              radiigera              choriphyllum              sulphurellum              bondarzewia              piloderma              gelatoporia              hebelomatis              merilipus              oochrophyta              acaulospora              collopus              recurvatus              lecythophora              aphotistus             

Examples of "panuoides"
Tapinella panuoides is a fungus species in the genus "Tapinella".
Characterization of the atromentin biosynthesis genes and enzymes in the homobasidiomycete Tapinella panuoides 2008
Atromentin is a phenolic compound. The first enzymes in its biosynthesis have been characterised in "T. panuoides".
Atromentin has been found in cultures of "Clitocybe subilludens" and in extracts of "Hydnellum peckii". The first enzymes in its biosynthesis have been characterized in "Tapinella panuoides". One of those is called atromentin synthetase.
Paxillus is a genus of mushrooms of which most are known to be poisonous or inedible. Species include "Paxillus involutus" and "Paxillus vernalis". Two former species—"Tapinella panuoides" and "Tapinella atrotomentosa"—have now been transferred to the related genus "Tapinella" in the family Tapinellaceae
The species name is derived from the Latin words "atrotomentosus", meaning "black-haired". It is still commonly seen under its old name "Paxillus atrotomentosus" in guidebooks. "Tapinella atrotomentosa" and its relative "T. panuoides" were placed in a separate genus "Tapinella" on account of their habit of growing on (and rotting) wood, and microscopic differences including much smaller spore size, lack of cystidia, and differing basidia. Their off-centre stipe also distinguished them from other members of the genus "Paxillus", and genetic analysis confirmed them as only distantly related.