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Examples of "papadopoulou"
Current Head of Mission of EULEX is Ms. Alexandra Papadopoulou
Papadopoulou enjoys painting, writing, and poetry. She had her first individual painting exhibition in 2006.
Throughout her schooling and early years Antigoni Papadopoulou was very active in politics.
In the summer of 2014, Oikonomopoulos has concert series at Thea with Lena Papadopoulou.
Dimitra Papadopoulou, (Greek: Δήμητρα Παπαδοπούλου) was born in 1962 is a Greek actress, writer and director.
B-side: "Periexomeno den exeis", Mpampis Tsetinis-Pitsa Papadopoulou (H. Vasiliades, Pythagoras)
Eirini “Absinthe Green” Papadopoulou (born August 13, 1986, in Athens, Greece) is a female singer and bassist.
In September 1979, Papadopoulou married economist Dr. Stelios Papadopoulos, and later gave birth to two sons, Charis (age ) and Andreas (age ).
Sevas Hanum (died May 1990), was a Greek singer. Her real name was Sevasti Papadopoulou and she became popular in the 1950s and 1960s by singing oriental songs.
Anastasia Papadopoulou (born ) is a female Greek football forward. She was part of the Greece women's national football team at the 2004 Summer Olympics.
Papadopoulou is a former member of the swimming team for Arizona Wildcats, and a graduate of management information systems at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.
Anna Mela-Papadopoulou was a daughter of Michail Melas. Her father was an ardent patriot, proud of his descendance from Epirus, that was still under the Turkish rule. He loved The arts and encouraged Anna's talent in painting.
Virginia Kravarioti (; born April 27, 1984 in Athens) is a Greek sailor. She won the bronze medal in the women's yngling class with Sofia Bekatorou and Sofia Papadopoulou at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, People's Republic of China.
Sofia Papadopoulou (, born November 19, 1983 in Athens) is a Greek sailor. She won the bronze medal in the women's yngling class with Sofia Bekatorou and Virginia Kravarioti at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, People's Republic of China.
Stiliani ("Stella") Papadopoulou (, born March 15, 1982) is a female hammer thrower from Greece. She was born in Thessaloniki. Her personal best throw is 72.10 metres, achieved in July 2008 in Nikiti. This is the Greek record.
• Niki Papadopoulou, "Tériade et le livre de peintre manuscrit (1943-1975)," Thèse, Sciences des textes et documents sous la dir. de Anne-Marie Christin, Paris 7, 2004. 413 p. ; 30 cm.
At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Papadopoulou qualified again for the women's 100 m butterfly by eclipsing a FINA B-standard entry time of 1:01.76. She challenged seven other swimmers on the second heat, including five-time Olympian Mette Jacobsen of Denmark. She edged out Iceland's Kolbrún Yr Kristjánsdóttir to pick up a fourth spot by 0.32 of a second in 1:02.01. Papadopoulou failed to advance into the semifinals, as she placed twenty-ninth overall on the first day of preliminaries.
In 2006, Haris Alexiou is back with "Sour cherry and bitter orange", an album depicting the traditional aspects of contemporary music. Thodoris Papadopoulos, Smaro Papadopoulou and Makis Seviloglou wrote the music and the lyrics, suggesting a return to our roots. An album that, despite its unusual content, managed to go platinum, just a few months after it was released, receiving people's recognition and love.
In the municipality elections of December 1991, Papadopoulou successfully contested a seat as Councilor for the Municipality of Strovolos, where she lives, after becoming a refugee in 1974. As a Municipality Councilor she held the Chair of the Committee for the Environment and was actively involved in the Committee of Social Protection, working with relevant NGO’s on social issues/programs (1991–1996).
Papadopoulou was born in Morphou. She has two younger brothers, Peter and Xenios. Her father, Andreas Pericleous, and her mother, Georgia Pericleous ("née" Thrasivoulou), originate from Petra, Kythrea, and Voni villages, all occupied by Turkish Cypriot forces since 1974, as is Morphou.