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Examples of "paparizou"
On June 10, 2012, Elena Paparizou guest-starred on Petro Kostiopoulos's final show, "Vradi." Paparizou and Melisses performed the track "Popular" by Eric Saade as a part of their act. Originally Paparizou and Melisses stated their summer tour would begin in late June; however, tour dates were later changed. Tour dates were publicized on Paparizou and Melisses' official Facebook pages.
Playmen feat. Elena Paparizou, Courtney and RiskyKidd – "All the Time"
Playmen feat. Elena Paparizou, Courtney and RiskyKidd – "All the Time"
In Summer 2016, Paparizou toured in Greece along with Mironas Stratis and Isaias Matiaba. In September 2016 Paparizou joined "My Way" show in Sweden with Claes Malmberg and Jan Malmsjö.
In mid-February Paparizou completed her photo shoot for the album at the studio of Giorgos Metsoutis. The artwork concept was of simplistic scenery, designed by photographer Dimitris Skoulos, with Paparizou posing in front of a white background, wearing a white, oversize blouse with her legs bare. Paparizou once again collaborated with her longtime image team, with Al Giga responsible for the wardrobe styling, Giannis Marketakis as the make-up artist, and Christos Kallaniotis as her hairstylist.
Paparizou made her theatrical debut on the musical "Nine" at Pantheon Music Theater as 'Saraghina'.
Anna Vissi, Flexy, Helena Paparizou, Dimension X, Jus Jack and Thalía have signed with Moda Records.
Leonidas has worked with some of today's talents such as...Elena Paparizou, Anna David.
This is a comprehensive list of awards won by Elena Paparizou, a Greek singer-songwriter.
In an interview on the Madame Figaro, Paparizou stated that this is her third album and the best of her career. After finishing the recording sessions, Elena started full promo of the album. On 2 June 2008, Elena Paparizou was on the Greek radio station Orange fm 93.2, where she presented all her new songs for the first time. On 10 June 2008, Paparizou was on NitroRadio 102.5 at 1:00 pm where she talked about her new album.
Paparizou toured Europe, performing in all the countries that gave her 12 points. A tour with Nikos Kourkoulis to the Greek diaspora in North America and Australia, followed. Paparizou stated that if she considered doing anything Eurovision-oriented again it be for her birth country Sweden, since she already had her turn with Greece. After performing as an opening act on numerous occasions, Paparizou headlined at Fever for the 2005–06 season, supported by Christos Pazis and with Giorgos Tsalikis.
Sarbel enlisted the help of popular Swedish-Greek composer Alex Papakonstantinou who is responsible for big hits by Elena Paparizou.
It's the first Paparizou album to be at the Top10 of the official Greek album chart for 11 straight weeks.
The third-place finish was Greece's highest place until the 2005 Contest, when Paparizou, performing solo, won the Contest.
Ena Lepto was released via EMI Greece's YouTube channel on 19 April 2013. Paparizou performed the song at MadWalk 2013.
Paparizou performed a new version of "Anapandites Kliseis" featuring Christos Dantis for "MAD TV's "MAD Video Music Awards".
In the music video for "Anapandites Kliseis", Paparizou is in a club with a number of other people, all dancing. Paparizou is seen dancing around and singing multiple times throughout the video. She is calling someone but cannot get an answer. In addition to the title track, a music video for "Treli Kardia" was also made.
In November 2013, it was announced that Outtriger was taking part in Melodifestivalen 2014 in a bid to represent Sweden in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Singing their song "Echo" in February 15 preliminary semi-finals, they were given a Second Chance, with a duel against Elena Paparizou with Paparizou qualifying and Outtrigger failing to reach the Melodifestivalen final.
In October 2009, Paparizou had stated that the album would be ready for release provisionally either in February or March 2010. On 23 February, Sony Music Greece announced a release date of 15 March for Greece and Cyprus. However, Paparizou later announced via her Twitter that the album release date had been pushed back until 29 March 2010.
Paparizou performed "Fiesta" for the first time at the annual MAD Video Music Awards held in Tae Kwon Do in Athens on the 28th of June. On July 1, Paparizou performed "Fiesta" at the semi-finals of The X Factor (Greece series 3).