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Examples of "paper_plastick"
In 2010, the band released its second album "Expect The Worst" on Paper + Plastick Records, and went on tour with Paper + Plastick founder Vinnie Fiorello's band Less Than Jake.
On November 16, 2010, Hellmouth released their second album, Gravestone Skylines, via Paper + Plastick.
In 2011 they released an entirely acoustic album through Paper + Plastick Records.
Paper + Plastick is an American independent record label and comic book publisher, founded in 2008 and based in Gainesville, Florida.
In Spring 2014 Paper+Plastick opened up a UK/EU store, managed by Guerrilla Monsoon singer/songwriter Mark Vincent Bussey.
Paper + Plastick released the record on September 24, 2012, one year to the day after the Plow United reunion at Riot Fest.
The release is known to have been released by Shock Entertainment in Australia and Playfalse Records in Greece, both in conjunction with Paper + Plastick.
"A Wolf Ticket" (2009, ADAGIO830 LP; 2009, Cosmic Note CD; 2009, Pure Mind Tape; 2010, Bloodtown 10"; 2010, Paper + Plastick 10")
In collaboration with A Wilhelm Scream and Paper + Plastick, the magazine exclusively pre-released the mentioned song in the same article as mentioned earlier.
Farewell Continental is the first extended-play release by American alternative-rock band Farewell Continental, released on May 25, 2009, by Paper + Plastick.
¡Hey, Hey Pioneers! is the first studio album by American alternative rock band Farewell Continental, released on May 10, 2011 by Paper + Plastick.
The band originally released a demo before recording their full-length debut album, 2009's "Serf City USA". Initially a self-release, the album caught the attention of Vinnie Fiorello of Paper + Plastick Records, after Steve Foote of Big D and The Kids Table gave him a copy of it. Paper + Plastick put out cd and vinyl versions of the album, while the band offered free copies of it in the form of an mp3 download.
Resolutions is the first solo album from Dave Hause of The Loved Ones. It was released on January 24, 2011 through Paper + Plastick and was re-released by Rise Records on March 26, 2013.
Ex Friends is an American punk rock band founded in 2011 by Plow United bassist Joel Tannenbaum and artist JP Flexner. Based in Philadelphia, they have released records on Paper + Plastick and Yo-Yo Records.
This is the band's first release since their signing with Paper + Plastick in June, 2009. They departed with Nitro Records in relation to its slowly progressing demise and the bands contract with the label being fulfilled.
Dave Hause released his first solo record entitled "Resolutions" on 24 January 2011 through Paper + Plastick and Chris Gonzalez plans to release a solo record later in the year.
In June 2009, the band signed to Paper + Plastick while working on a new album. Their first release for the label was a 5-song self-titled EP, mixed by Matt Bayles, released on November 20, 2009.
It Goes On is the debut studio album by indie folk band Destry. It was released on October 30, 2009. Physical orders were done through the band's Tumblr page, and digital downloads are available through Paper + Plastick.
In 2010, Egerton released "The Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton" on the Paper + Plastick label. The album features Egerton playing with a variety of vocalists, including Milo Aukerman, Joey Cape, and Mike Herrera. Two album release shows occurred in Oklahoma, U.S., during May 2010, and Slorder also performed at both shows.
A Wilhelm Scream, released on November 20, 2009 through Paper + Plastick, is the second EP and in all the fifth release from the Massachusetts-based melodic hardcore band A Wilhelm Scream since changing their name from Smackin' Isaiah in 2002. It is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed third full-length album "Career Suicide" and has thus far received very favourable reviews.