Synonyms for paralovo or Related words with paralovo

mihajlovac              mihajlovo              skobalj              mirkovac              volujac              podosoje              planinica              sedlari              orlja              parunovac              plavno              jovac              rosulje              stubal              bogutovac              laskowo              kownaty              lemsal              ludwikowo              petrijevci              prijevor              poljani              klenje              ratari              smolnitsa              podgorac              konopki              grkljane              trnovica              kajtasovo              veseud              prisjan              brezovice              trnovci              borowo              vitanovac              sibnica              traboin              krstac              pieczyska              orahovice              ilino              dylewo              sakule              sefkerin              vladislavci              zauchen              dekanat              stelpe              karczemka             

Examples of "paralovo"
Paralovo is a village situated in Novi Pazar municipality in Serbia.
Paralovo is a village in the municipality of Bosilegrad, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the town has a population of 133 people.
The Bitola region was a stronghold of the Ilinden Uprising. The uprising was started as decided in 1903 in Thessaloniki by the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO). The uprising in the Bitola region was planned in Smilevo village in May 1903. The battles were fought in the villages of Bistrica, Rakovo, Buf, Skocivir, Paralovo, Brod, Novaci, Smilevo, Gjavato, Capari and others. Smilevo was defended by 600 rebels led by Dame Gruev and Georgi Sugarev, but when they were defeated, villages were burned.
He returned in the area in September 1904, under the command of the leader of the National Committee of Monastir, the physician Konstantinos Michail "of Munich", aiming to organise the Greeks of the area into a military force. He formed an armed corps in order to protect the citizens from the Bulgarian komitadjis. He managed to organise these Greeks and many soldiers joined his to his corps from the villages Gruništa, Staravina, Zovič, Budimirci, Gradešnica, Petalino, Makovo, Suhodoli, Paralovo, Brod και Skotsiviri. From April 1905 he cooperated with the Greek officer Christos Tsolakopoulos (nom-de-guerre "Rembelos") and his replacement, Dimitrios Vardis. In 1906 he was injured and he had to move to Athens to be hospitalised. In July 1906 he returned to Macedonia, cooperating with the chieftain Lazaros Varzis ("Zarkadas") from Galatini. Then he cooperated with the officer Vasileios Papas ("Vrontas") and his replacement Dimitrios Papavieros's ("Gouras") until 1908. After the Young Turk revolution he was assigned to monitor the Turks and the Bulgarians in the area of Monastir. When it was discovered that the Young Turks were planning his assassination, he was smuggled out to the United States and returned on the eve of the First Balkan War, in which he participated leading a corps of volunteers. In October 1912 Antonios Zois liberated Mariovo from the Ottoman Empire and raised the Greek flag. After the Treaty of Bucharest, however, the area was annexed to the Kingdom of Serbia.