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rich then Paramu would adopt the poor girl that Abbas loves so they would be equal in prestige and stature. This way Abbas's rich father would agree to their marriage. Paramu and Sivam pose
Suppayya Paramu Thamilselvan, commonly known as S. P. Tamilselvan, (sometimes transcribed as "Tamilchelvan"),
Guru Gopinath's family – the Perumanoor tharavad – has two hundred years of tradition in Kathakali. The Kathakali artist Champakkulam Paachu Pillai, who was known for his performance in thaadi and kaththi roles in Kathakali, was his elder brother. Bheeman Paramu Pillai alias Unda Paramu Pillai, a court dancer (kathakali) of Travancore was his maternal grandfather.
Parassala Pachan Payyannur Paramu is a 1999 Indian Malayalam film, directed by P. Venu, starring Jagathy Sreekumar and Sreenivasan in the lead role.
Vellayani Paramu is a 1979 Indian Malayalam film, directed by J. Sasikumar and produced by EK Thyagarajan. The film stars Prem Nazir, Jayan, Jayabharathi and Adoor Bhasi in lead roles. The film had musical score by G. Devarajan.
Famous Malayalam satirist E.V. Krishna Pillai lived in Peringanad. Adoor Bhasi, a famous comedian in Malayalam Cinema, is the son of E.V. Krishna Pillai. Malayalam writer Munshi Paramu Pillai also belongs to Peringanad.
them both since he is in love with a poor girl and is pretty sure that his father(P.Vasu) will oppose his wedding. Paramu and Sivam make a deal with Abbas that if he helps them become
Born in Chennai, then known as Madras, to famous Malayali writer Munshi Paramu Pillai and Retnamayi Devi. He got his surname, "Dixit", from his stepfather Sitaram Dixit, a freedom fighter and journalist.
always bickering. When Pandiyan insults his daughter's suitor(Livingston) who comes to see her in hopes of finding a future bride. Pandiyan insults him for not having as much money as he did and questioned his mother if she had other husbands. Hearing this Livingston's father gets a heart attack. In anger Livingstone, wanting to make Pandiyan lose his properties and come to the streets, arranges to have a petty thief Paramu (Prabhu) pose as a rich man and wriggle his way in as Pandiyan's son-in-law. Paramu and another thief Sivam are always competing against each other to be better than the other and to become a millionaire before the other. This leads to a lot of comic rivalries. But Paramu mistakenly enters Cheran's house because the gate of Pandiyan's house had been recently been painted over and Manju falls for him. Meanwhile, Sivam ('Kalabhavan' Mani),Paramu's friend, enters Pandiyan's house posing as a cinema director. Madhavan (Abbas) helps
Subramani (Pandiarajan) is a jobless youth living in a remote village. He leaves his village to rejoin his uncle (Malaysia Vasudevan) in Chennai. To his surprise, his uncle has two wives : Paramu (Kovai Sarala) and Rajamma (Kavitha), they live in different houses and his uncle struggles between his two wives. Paramu's daughter is Uma (Pragathi) and Rajamma's daughter (Divyasri) is Rama, both study in the same college. Subramani's uncle advices him to hide his identity and to act a servant, Paramu and Rajamma hire them. Uma and Rama fall in love with Subramani. Unlike his uncle, Subramani is against polygamy. What transpires next forms the rest of the story.
Paramu, a young man is living with his grandfather, mother and his sister who is dumb. His family lost their property to his uncle who killed his father in the explosion of explosives set for a festival long back. His sister lost her normal life due to a man who tried to rape her during a festival which also happened long back and when Paramu was a child. The man who raped her, Shankunni is an assistant of Parmu’s uncle. One day on the request of his grandfather for the Chilambu (a special ornament of religious significance) Paramu sets off to the place of his ancestral home where his uncle is enjoying their family properties and ancestral home and where the chilambu is now. His childhood friend and fiancée Ambika (daughter of his uncle) was waiting for Paramu’s return. She is overjoyed on Paramu’s return. The friendship and love rekindles between the two. On his return Paramu makes his point clear that he has come for nothing but the chilambu. But his resolute and cruel uncle rejects him and threatens to kill him if he comes again for the same demand. Meanwhile his childhood frineds Ramu and Sahadevan also rekindles their friendship with Paramu. To them Ramu tells why he has come there. When Paramu’s intervention becomes unbearable for his uncle he tries to sell off the chilambu to a foreigner and a Christian jewellery merchant. But after experiencing some traumatic supernatural incidents the night after he decided to sell the chilambu, he decides to abandon the idea of selling the chilambu. The Christian jewellery merchant also experiences similar supernatural incidents. Later the uncle decides to appoint someone for his security since Paramu is a valiant martial art expert. He calls his nephew who knows Karate for his security. One day Ambika comes to Paramu and tells him that she will give him the chilambu if he comes to the ancestral home at night upon her signal. He does the same way. When they meet Ambika tells him her wish that she wants to bear his child thereby cleansing the brunt upon the ancestral home. Initially he drops the idea but ultimately succumbs to her wish. But sooner she discovers Paramu is carrying martial weapons around his waist. Realizing how deep his wishes about taking the chilambu back to his family, she tells him that she will show where the chilambu is and gives him a set of keys. When he tries to open the door of the room where the chilambu is kept the light apparatus which was in Ambika’s hand slips and everyone comes to the scene. But Paramu somehow manages to take the chilambu with him. After that, the night ensues his fight between him and the people arranged by his uncle. In that fight many of them including the man who tried to rape her sister and others get killed or injured. In the end he rescues Ambika from her parents who try to detain her, and leaves the place victoriously with the chilambu and Ambika.
as the sons of Abbas's dad. Things gone worse when Paramu's Father in law (cheran) takes them to Madhavan's house. The film revolves around how Paramu, Sivam & Madavan deals the situation & How everything comes to be known to both families and Abbas's family forms the crux of the story.
Leading elathalam masters of the present day include:Cheriyath Thanku Marar, Chelakkara Unnikrishnan, Maniyamparambil Mani, Kothachira Sekharan Nair, Chengamanad Paramu Nair, Pallavur Raghava Pisharody, Pookottur Sasidharan (Asiad Sasi), Guruvayur Velutty and Peruvanam Murali,Ajith marar, panjal velukutty,Venu Bharanganam, Hari Thalanadu,Azhakam Ajayan,mani kenoor
Great masters of Kathakali like Champakkulam Paramu Pillai, Mathoor Kunjupilla Panicker, and Thakazhi Kesava Panicker at Champakkulam were his teachers for the initial years, where he had undergone training in southern style of acting in kathakali, which gives importance to abhinaya.
Vijayakumari is born to Paramu Panikker and Bhargaviyamma at Kollam Her father was a boat driver and mother was a cashew nut worker in a cashew factory at Kollam. Her father died when she was very young. She has a brother and a sister. She had her primary education from Cantonment School, Kollam.
He was born on 24 June 1908, as the second son of Madhavi Amma and Kaippilli Sankara Pillai, in Champakkulam, Kuttanad now in Alappuzha district of Kerala. There were many exponents of Kaplingadan style of 'Kathakali' in this family like Champakkulam Paramu Pillai and Champakkulam Shanku Pillai. Great Kathakali master Guru Kunchu Kurup is related to this family.
Madhavan first appeared as a child actor in Kamal's film "Pookkalam Varavayi" (1991) at the age of seven. Subsequently, she was offered parts in other projects such as "Pavam IA Ivachan" (1994), "Parasala Paatchan Payyannur Paramu" (1994) by P.Venu and "Azhakiya Ravanan" (1996), directed by Kamal.
Manamagal ("The Bride") is a 1951 Indian Tamil drama film, directed and produced by N. S. Krishnan. The film stars Padmini, Lalitha, S. V. Sahasranamam and T. S. Balaiah in lead roles. The film had musical score by C. R. Subbaraman. This film was based on a popular Malayalam play "Suprabha" by playwright Munshi Paramu Pillai. The film was dubbed into Telugu as "Pelli Kuthuru".
Thus Singaram is brought to the village and passed off as Singam. Singaram learns to adapt to his new name, learning all of the hero's skills and tricks. He wins the respect of the village seniors (Paandu Paramu (Delhi Ganesh), Keluthi Amma (Manorama) and others), and a girl Baali (Padmapriya) falls for him. Soon he surpasses the original hero's prowess, though initially it is due to dumb luck.
Rameshan(Jayaram) and Jose(Mukesh) and best friends coming from similar backgrounds. Both are educated well-groomed lads of more earthy parents. Rameshan’s father Paramu Nair(Oduvil Unnikrishnan) is a tea shop owner while Jose’s father Varkey(Thilakan) is a farmer. Both have sisters waiting to be married off, only being confined by the outrageous demands for dowry. Rameshan is also in love with Rema(Parvathi), daughter of a wealthy landlord Raman Vaidyar(Innocent), who is hell-bent on marrying off his daughter to a doctor.