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mankulam              kilinochchi              puliyankulam              koothuparamba              marakkanam              medawachchiya              habarana              kamalpur              sakri              kondavil              vavniya              sherpur              pottuvil              khurda              koregaon              chainpur              khed              degana              mullaitivu              mendhar              manpur              omanthai              kalmunai              honnavar              narnaul              hanwella              nimach              deoli              vandavasi              vavuniya              rajapur              singhpur              naigaon              maharajpur              kiribathgoda              athurugiriya              kekirawa              laksham              hosdurg              saidpur              thakurgaon              seoni              hariharpur              dharmavaram              cheyyar              chandpur              kodur              palashbari              sirsa              peliyagoda             

Examples of "paranthan"
The A 35 road is an A-Grade trunk road in Sri Lanka. It connects Paranthan with Mullaitivu.
Paranthan is a town in Kilinochchi District, Sri Lanka. It is located about 5 km from district capital Kilinochchi.
Paranthan railway station ( "Parantaṉ toṭaruntu nilaiyam") is a railway station in the town of Paranthan in northern Sri Lanka. Owned by Sri Lanka Railways, the state-owned railway operator, the station is part of the Northern Line which links the north with the capital Colombo. The popular Yarl Devi service calls at the station. The station was not functioning between 1990 and 2014 due to the civil war. The Northern Line between Kilinochchi and Pallai, which includes Paranthan, was re-opened on 4 March 2014.
There are four main roads which lead to Mullaithivu in the east, Paranthan towards the west, Iranaipalai towards the north and Oddusuddan towards the south.
The city of Paranthan was established in 1936 as part of a colonization project that sought to ease overpopulation and unemployment in Jaffna.
On 15 January, 58 Division gained total control over Dharmapuram, in Kilinochchi District, a key LTTE stronghold located along the A-35 Paranthan - Mullaittivu main road. Troops cleared the area of LTTE fighters.
Kurukularajah is the son of Rev. A. C. Thambirajah, a protestant pastor and founder of the "Navajeevanam" project in Paranthan. Kurukularajah was director of education for the Kilinochchi Education Zone.
Paapamkulam, Pachilaipalli, Padaraveli, Pandatharippu, Pandiyankulam, Palali, Palampiddi, Parangkich Chaalampan, Point Pedro (Paruththithurai), Paranthan, Periya Chaalampan, Pesalai, Periya Puliyangkulam, Periya Pollachi, Pollachi, Perumkulam, Paranthen Kerni, Pooneryn, Puliyankulam, Puthukkudiyiruppu, Parayanalankulam, Pungudutivu, Puttur, Puthunagaram, Panamkamam,
The Battle of Paranthan was a military conflict over control of Paranthan, Sri Lanka between the 58 Division of the Sri Lankan Military and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) as an engagement of the Northern Theater of Eelam War IV during the Sri Lankan civil war. Fought from December 30, 2008 to January 1, 2009, the Army announced on the January 1 that it had claimed the land. The Army indicated that it had previously claimed the town in September 1996 during the campaign of Sathjaya I and Sathjaya II, but had withdrawn for tactical reason in September 1998.
Vanni forest is a heavy forest which covers the Vanni area and most part (approximately 75%) of the Northern province of Sri Lanka. This Jungle is spread from Omanthai in south to Paranthan in north. From west and east, the sea was the boundary. This jungle played very significant role in Sri Lankan history.
In 1936, Paranthan town was created and started establishing new colonies in Vanni Forest. New towns like Kilinochchi, Mankulam, Puliyankulam was colonized by clearing the forest. This affected ethnic balance in Vanni area which was between Rajarata and Jafna Kingdom. After independent from British, Sinhalese started colonies to neutralize the ethnic balance. This led to another wave of forest clearing.
In 1987, when the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) was in Sri Lanka, Paranthan Rajan came into contact with RAW officials. He came to Indian intelligence officials’ attention when he formed a political group, Tamileela Iykkia Viduthalai Munnani. Given his background, observers feel Rajan’s alliance with Karuna might be RAW’s handiwork.
In 1987 the "EPRLF (Douglas)" faction formally split from the EPRLF. It initially formed the Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front with a breakaway faction of the People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam led by Paranthan Rajan, but later transformed itself into the Eelam People's Democratic Party.
Ananthapuram () is a village in north-eastern Sri Lanka. It is located approximately north east of the town of Puthukkudiyiruppu and is by the A35 Paranthan-Mullaitivu highway. The village is one of nine in the Ananthapuram GN Division (Village Officer Division).
In July 1990, when Maj. Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwa took charge as commanding officer of Northern Operations, he instituted an operation code-named "Operation Gajasinghe" to pull out troops from Kilinochchi and strengthen the camp at Elephant Pass. He also established a temporary camp at Paranthan, north of Paranthan junction, for obtaining fresh water for the camp at Elephant Pass. Subsequently, Elephant Pass camp was expanded and transformed into a massive military complex, with a main base and four mini-camps, within a stretch of land three miles in diameter. At one time the Elephant Pass base and the satellite camps covered an area about 23 kilometers long and nearly 10 kilometers wide. About 800 troops of the 6th Battalion of the Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment manned the installations.
Since the start of the northern offensive in 2008 the Sri Lankan Army had been steadily progressing on multiple fronts. As the LTTE had limited men and firepower, it was gradually withdrawing towards the North East part of the country. Finally they were confined to a small littoral strip of territory located between the A-35 highway (Paranthan-Mullaitheevu road) Nanthikadal and Chalai lagoons on one side and the Indian ocean on the other.
Singh is not the only person in international controversy. Sri Lanka’s Army-backed Tamil paramilitary group, the ENDLF, is seeking recruits amongst Tamil refugees in Tamil Nadu, offering hefty salaries. The recruitment is being conducted with the knowledge of India’s external intelligence agency, RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), the report added. The ENDLF, reportedly headed by Paranthan Rajan, has been recruiting cadres for the Karuna Group (named after the renegade LTTE commander who heads it) from refugee camps in Tamil Nadu.
In 1987 the "EPRLF (Douglas)" faction formally split from the EPRLF. Devananda initially formed the Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front (ENDLF) with a breakaway faction of the People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam led by Paranthan Rajan. The ENDLF collapsed when Rajan started working with Indians – Devananda was opposed to the Indian intervention in the Sri Lankan Civil War. Devananda, now living in Madras, then formed the Eelam People's Democratic Party.
However, with the election victory of President Maithripala Sirisena and the removal of restrictions that prevented foreigners from visiting the north contributed to the sense of economic renewal alongside the development of Kankesanthurai Harbor the Palali Airport. Hospitals and schools as well as a cultural center and vocational training facility being built in Jaffna. Investments have also started to flow into an industries such as the Paranthan Chemical factory.
The Battle of Aanandapuram, which was described by military analyst/journalist D. B. S. Jeyaraj as the "defining moment" of the 3 decade war, was fought on 5 April. This battle saw the demise of most of the battle-hardened ground commanders of the LTTE, including Velayuthapillai Baheerathakumar "alias" Theepan, the overall commander of the LTTE northern front fighting formations. SLA soldiers numbering more than 50,000 from 5 divisions participated in the battle encircling the LTTE cadres inside a small littoral strip of territory located between the Paranthan-Mullaitivu A35 highway, Nanthikadal and Chalai Lagoons on one side and the Indian ocean on the other. Rebel casualties amounted to 625.