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Examples of "parasailing"
The leading trade associations for parasailing are:
The White-Miskill Act for Parasailing. is a law enacted by the legislature of the State of Florida in 2014 for the control of the sport of parasailing. It relates to commercial and recreational water activities prohibiting certain water activities within some areas and specifies the requirements for the operator of a vessel engaged in commercial parasailing.
Prior to the release of the NTSB report, Florida passed the White-Miskell Act which added strict regulations parasailing companies must follow including obtaining an insurance policy, and restrictions on parasailing in inclement weather.
The license must be carried on the vessel and be available for inspection while engaging in commercial parasailing activities.
Baga Beach is also famous for water sports such as parasailing and banana rides, and dolphin cruises.
Leisure activities available on or near Boracay include horseback riding, scuba diving, diving helmet, snorkeling, windsurfing, kiteboarding, cliff diving, parasailing.
There are commercial parasailing operations all over the world. Land-based parasailing has also been transformed into a competition sport in Europe. In land-based competition parasailing, the parasail is towed to maximum height behind a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The driver then releases the tow line; the parasailer flies down to a target area in an accuracy competition. The sport was developed in the early 80's and has been very popular ever since. The first international competitions were held in the mid 80's and continue to this day.
Before his parasailing accident in 1990, both his parents had died, his mother after a lengthy battle with cancer and his father from a heart attack.
This beach is considered safe for swimming. Apart from sunbathing and swimming, there are also options of parasailing, jet skiing, boat ride and wind surfing.
NITK's private beach hosts beach volleyball, beach football and Sandemonium events. The 2012 edition also included adventure sports like zorbing, rappelling and parasailing.
The nearby Nagoa beach and offshore lighthouse are popular tourist destinations, and the coast is a popular recreational area for parasailing, boating, and jet skiing.
The institute conducts courses on various fields such as skiing, water skiing, paragliding, paramotors, parasailing, hot air ballooning, canoeing, white water rafting, and mountaineering etc.
High-performance lines (such as backstays) for sailing and parasailing are made of UHMWPE, due to their low stretch, high strength, and low weight.
Boaters are allowed to use their motorized boats on White Ash lake. Waterskiing and related activities (parasailing and aquaplane) are allowed from 10 AM to 6 PM.
“Commercial parasailing” means providing or offering to provide for payment any activity involving the towing of a person by a motorboat if:
Commercial parasailing is prohibited if the current observed wind conditions in the area of operation include a sustained wind speed of more than 20 miles per hour; if wind gusts are 15 miles per hour higher than the sustained wind speed; if the wind speed during gusts exceeds 25 miles per hour; if rain or heavy fog results in reduced visibility of less than 0.5 mile; or if a known lightning storm comes within 7 miles of the parasailing area.
The owner or operator of a vessel engaged in commercial parasailing may not offer or provide for payment any parasailing activity unless the owner or operator first obtains and maintains an insurance policy from an insurance carrier licensed in Florida or approved by the Office of Insurance Regulation or an eligible surplus lines insurer. This policy must provide bodily injury liability coverage in the amounts of at least $1 million per occurrence and $2 million annual aggregate.
The Technopark Adventure Club provides adventure activities to employees of Technopark and their families. It holds activities like parasailing, rock climbing, rappelling, trekking and camping, paragliding camps at Munnar and corporate training camps.
The lake's shores are home to numerous recreational resorts and exclusive housing projects. It is a mecca for boating and water sports such as sailing, jetskiing, waterskiing and parasailing.
The town has a sports stadium. It has indoor and outdoor games facilities. The yearly state-level tournaments can be held here. Adventure sports like Parasailing, Paramotoring, Rappelling are also conducted in Churu by Youth Adventure Sports Institute.