Synonyms for parlayed or Related words with parlayed

forayed              shoehorned              delved              segued              snowballed              coaxed              goads              goaded              shapeshifts              metamorphosised              woges              catapulted              cajoles              bluffed              guilted              devolves              parlaying              inveigled              conned              barged              snuck              coerces              sneaked              cajoled              delves              metamorphosized              dragooned              blackmails              blundered              guilts              cajole              railroaded              segueing              foraying              ventured              transmogrified              intimidates              blossomed              filmentered              reintegrated              coaxes              sauntered              goading              cursoroutofrange              bellevan              refashioned              duped              lulled              crept              seguing             

Examples of "parlayed"
Rodgers parlayed his singing fame into a brief movie career with lead performances in:
Erwin parlayed his success into a Kickstarter campaign for his first novel "Acadia".
Seven Wolverine turnovers proved to be the difference as Notre Dame parlayed them into 17 points.
• The Mustangs parlayed their talent into an 8–4 record and the school's first national ranking (20th) since 1968.
Sanctions were imposed by US and parlayed into legitimacy for the narrowly-based NIF—a symbol of "resistance to imperialism".
Chapman has parlayed her media capital through Twitter, where she asked Edward Snowden to marry her, and on Instagram, which she has used to voice her political opinions.
Daniel has parlayed his experiences into a public speaking tour. He will be speaking at Champlain College (Burlington, VT), among many others, on September 29, 2013.
Schirra parlayed the head cold he contracted during Apollo 7 into a television advertising contract as a spokesman for Actifed, an over the counter version of the medicine he took in space.
Eventually, Cassella landed a full-time job and the love of her life. One of the original on-air talents on STAR!, she parlayed that job into her own talk show called "Because I Said So."
Freville's work for Get Underground eventually parlayed itself into a regular column entitled "Slippery Id." The column consisted of id-driven pieces about pleasure and pain, both human and alien, including essays on Dadaism, Darwinism, hedonism and more.
He parlayed his time on Seven into two books of poetry, "Made in Pinks Alley" and "Generation X". His debut album "Just Like That..." was released on Stonetree Records in 2004.
Denis Pushilin, the then head of the DNR, gave a different perspective of events, saying that the Novorossiya projects is “moving to another plane", where militarized opposition may be parlayed into political opposition.
Outside of sports, Hitchcock served in the United States Navy in World War II. He later parlayed his popularity in Alabama into a political position on the Alabama Public Service Commission, for which he served until his death in 1959.
Darragh began his career as a merchant on Fourth Avenue between Wood Street and Smithfield Street in the city. Darragh eventually parlayed his success as merchant into becoming the president of the Bank of Pittsburgh.
Aykroyd has continued to be an active proponent of blues music and parlayed this avocation into foundation and partial ownership of the House of Blues franchise, a national chain of nightclubs.
The show debuted in 1974, as Screw publisher Al Goldstein parlayed his publishing success into a cable access show, a freeform interview program that played on the late night airwaves of Manhattan cable for more than twenty-five years.
Chefetz has parlayed his successful restaurant endeavors into numerous real estate ventures. In 2013 he sold his penthouse at South Beach's Ocean House to Marc J. Leder for $15 million ($3,592 per square foot) in an all-cash deal.
Currently, the channel's biggest cross-over star is Rachael Ray, who has parlayed her cable following (primarily through the series "30 Minute Meals" and "$40 a Day") into a syndicated talk show and merchandise lines of cookware and kitchen ingredients.
On its original publication "Kirkus Review" found: "All of this is, in its fashion, opulently romantic and pleasantly parlayed in silvery, sugary words (delightfuls and entrancings) without altogether forfeiting the realities of living and loving it sometimes seems to camouflage."