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Examples of "parsifal"
A Parsifal bell (German: "Parsifal Klavier Instrument") is a stringed musical instrument designed as a substitute for the church bells that are called for in the score of Richard Wagner's opera "Parsifal".
She has sung Kundry in "Parsifal" and Venus in "Tannhäuser".
Klingsor appears and throws the Spear at Parsifal, but it stops in midair, above his head. Parsifal takes it and makes the sign of the Cross with it. The castle crumbles and the enchanted garden withers. As Parsifal leaves, he tells Kundry that she knows where she can find him.
Wagner: Prelude Act 1 and Good Friday Music from Parsifal
Parsifal is a 1904 American silent film produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company and directed by Edwin S. Porter. It is based on the 1882 opera "Parsifal" by Richard Wagner, and stars Adelaide Fitz-Allen as Kundry and Robert Whittier as Parsifal.
Modern productions of "Parsifal" typically use a synthesized, or electronically recorded, church bell sound.
This is a partial discography of Parsifal, an opera in three acts by Richard Wagner.
In Madrid, between 1910 and 1920, he sang Loge, Tristan, Siegmund, the two Siegfrieds and Parsifal.
He was scheduled to conduct "Parsifal" at the Bayreuth Festival in the summer of 2016.
Born Louis Claver, his career commenced in 1935, as a knight in "Parsifal", at the Opéra.
The film discusses Wagner's opera "Parsifal" while the soundtrack plays the "Funeral March" from "Götterdämmerung".
Syberberg is also noted for an acclaimed visual interpretation of the Wagner opera "Parsifal" in 1982.
2. Why did Wagner write Parsifal and present the contrast between sensuality and chastity?
The Parsifal Mosaic is a spy fiction novel by Robert Ludlum published in 1982.
Slavoj Žižek uses the theory to explain various cultural artefacts, including "Don Giovanni" and "Parsifal".
The critic Eduard Hanslick objected to the religious air surrounding "Parsifal" even at the premiere: "The question of whether "Parsifal" should really be withheld from all theatres and limited to... Bayreuth was naturally on all tongues... I must state here that the church scenes in "Parsifal" did not make the offensive impression on me that others and I had been led to expect from reading the libretto. They are religious situations – but for all their earnest dignity they are not in the style of the church, but completely in the style of the opera. "Parsifal" is an opera, call it a 'stage festival' or 'consecrational stage festival' if you will."
On 14 December 1997 the "Parsifal" was replaced by the Paris – Cologne Thalys service.
• Richard Wagner: "Parsifal'', director: Romeo Castellucci, 2011, DVD BelAir, MEILLEURE DIFFUSION MUSICALE AUDIOVISUELLE
It has been claimed that "Parsifal" was denounced as being "ideologically unacceptable" in the Third Reich, and that the Nazis placed a de facto ban on "Parsifal". In fact there were 26 performances at the Bayreuth Festival between 1934 and 1939 as well as 23 performances at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin between 1939 and 1942. However "Parsifal" was not performed at the Bayreuth Festival during World War II.
In early 2007 Weinius sang his first Parsifal in Karlstad Cathedral when the Värmland Opera presented its acclaimed production. Thereafter Weinius established himself as a sought after interpreter of this role. He sang Parsifal in Mannheim in the spring of 2008, secured his victory in the international Wagner competition in Seattle in 2008 by singing excerpts from "Parsifal", and has since performed it on a number of international stages including Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Düsseldorf and the Finnish National Opera in Helsingfors.