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Examples of "pasching"
After the relocation of ASKÖ Pasching to Klagenfurt, the new club was founded on 16 May 2007 as FC Pasching.
FC Pasching is an Austrian association football club, from Pasching, Upper Austria. It was re-established after the move of ASKÖ Pasching, who appeared most recently as FC Superfund, to Carinthia and the resulting renamed SK Austria Kärnten in 2007 as" FC Superfund Pasching". The club currently plays in the third division, the Regional League Central. 2013 the DC Pasching became the first third division club to win the Austrian Cup.
ASKÖ Pasching was an Austrian football club based in Pasching, Upper Austria. The club in its later stages was also known under the sponsorship derived names SV PlusCity Pasching and, from 2003 until its end, FC Superfund. It is a precursor of SK Austria Kärnten from which the current FC Pasching, Austrian Cup winner of 2013, originated.
The Qualifying Finals were held in Pasching and Linz.
Schobesberger won the 2012–13 Austrian Cup with Pasching.
The Classification Matches were held at the Waldstadion in Pasching.
"2–2 on aggregate, Pasching won on away goals rule."
Davorin Kablar (born 6 December 1977) is a Slovenian football player, who plays for FC Pasching.
All matches were played across 5 locations in Austria, with the final round held in Pasching.
Josef Schicklgruber (born July 21, 1967 in Ansfelden) is an Austrian retired footballer who last played for FC Pasching.
In his career as club manager, he coached FC Kärnten, FC Pasching, and Austria Vienna, amongst others.
The "Paschinger Gemeinderat" (the city council of Pasching) includes 31 "Gemeinderäte" (Senators). Since the last elections in 2009:
Gerald Gansterer (born 29 October 1982) is an Austrian footballer who currently plays for Austrian team FC Pasching.
The matches being played for the Final, Third Place Playoff and Classification matches were played at Waldstadion in Pasching.
Oliver Stadlbauer (born 13 April 1988) is an Austrian footballer who currently plays for Austrian team FC Pasching.
He has previously played for LASK Linz, SPG FC Pasching/LASK Linz Juniors and SC Wiener Neustadt.
After the insolvence of the club in 2007, the newly founded club of SK Austria Kärnten in Klagenfurt, the capital of the state of Carinthia, took over the first division licence of Pasching. In turn, Austria Kärnten mutated after its own demise in 2010 into FC Pasching.
In 2013, FC Pasching finished the season in second place, failing to earn promotion, but won the Austrian Cup against first division champions Austria Vienna. By winning the Cup, Pasching qualified for the first time in European competition, entering the Europa League, being eliminated by Estoril Praia 4–1 on aggregate in the play-off round (2–0 away, 2–1 at home).
Gspurning joined ASKÖ Pasching in 2004 and was a back-up behind Josef Schicklgruber, in the league with only 7 appearances over 3 seasons. He was unused in the 2004–05 UEFA Cup as Pasching lost on away goals to Zenit St. Petersburg after a 3–3 aggregate score in the second qualifying round. During the 2005–06 UEFA Cup, Pasching lost on away goals to Zenit after a 3–3 aggregate score for the second consecutive year in the second qualifying round. Gspurning was on the bench as the club qualified for the first round, but lost 3–0 to Livorno.
The club was formed on 15 June 1946 as "ATSV Pasching", renaming to "ASKÖ Pasching" in 1986. ASKÖ denotes membership in the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Sport und Körperkultur in Österreich", an organisation that has its origins in the labour movement and is associated with the Social Democratic Party of Austria. The club was the second Austrian club to achieve promotion from the 4th division of the Austrian League to the 1st division in consecutive seasons. Since the 2002/03 season, ASKÖ Pasching has participated in the Austrian Bundesliga.