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Examples of "passler"
Johann Passler (born 18 August 1961) is a former Italian biathlete. At the 1988 Olympics in Calgary, Passler won bronze medals in the 20 km and in the relay. At the World Championships, Passler won two gold medals and two bronze.
Kiem won bronze medals in the 4 x 7.5 km relay with teammates Gottlieb Taschler, Johann Passler and Andreas Zingerle at the 1986 Biathlon World Championships in Oslo and the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary.
Shortly, the same Tyrol (under Habsburg rule) became a powder keg of popular uprisings, especially in the Eisacktal and Puster Valley. These peasant revolts were captained by a certain Peter Passler and Gaismair: Brixen and Neustift were occupied and looted. The rebels, reinforced by local miners and survivors of the Battle of Frankenhausen, resisted the Habsburg army counterattacks.
The defending world champion, Frank-Peter Roetsch, had the fastest ski time by more than a full minute, and despite three missed shots, he held off the field to win by 20 seconds. 1986 World champion Valeriy Medvedtsev and Norway's Eirik Kvalfoss finished with the joint second-fastest ski time, but while Medvedtsev's two misses saw him win silver, Kvalfoss missed three and finished 6th. Italy's Johann Passler, the fourth-fastest skier, held off Sergei Tchepikov, who had the best shooting score, to win bronze.