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chmod              setstatusinfo              poweroff              poweron              buttoninput              setuimode              setdisplayinfo              drawimage              buttonstatus              touchinput              setcontrolinfo              sendmessage              getobject              setstate              posedge              cgdcont              noop              dvcrstop              isencountered              setparametervalues              hresult              optionbits              getattribute              argumentsresponse              scriptcommand              thiscommand              getparametervalues              setenvinfo              hdparm              getcontext              setposition              setenvimage              setconfiguration              showpage              scmd              processevent              absenterror              exitremoteguimode              subcommand              onupdate              ilid              commandcode              getfile              kctune              deleteobject              cbcscommandoption              ptrace              zqcl              onstart              policyattrs             

Examples of "passthru"
Lotus Development acquired cc:Mail, Inc. (formerly PCC Systems), which was a Silicon Valley startup, in 1991 and used the cc:Mail technology to enhance Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes features derived from cc:Mail included Shared Mail, client type-ahead addressing, enhancements to the Notes MTA (also called Router), and the Notes Passthru feature. Lotus developed a version of cc:Mail Remote for the HP 95LX. cc:Mail Remote was also included in the built-in software of the HP 100LX, HP 200LX and HP OmniGo 700LX.
After the release of Surface 3, a docking station will be released with 4 USB ports (including 2 USB 3.0), a Gigabit Ethernet port, an additional Mini DisplayPort (which in contrast to Surface Pro 3's docking station's port, can't be used simultaneously with the port on the Surface 3, as it is a PassThru port), a 3.5 mm audio socket for audio input/output and a storage for Surface Pen.
In a credit card or debit card transaction, the card-issuing bank in a payment transaction deducts the interchange fee from the amount it pays the acquiring bank that handles a credit or debit card transaction for a merchant. The acquiring bank then pays the merchant the amount of the transaction minus both the interchange fee and an additional, usually smaller, fee for the acquiring bank or independent sales organization (ISO), which is often referred to as a discount rate, an add-on rate, or passthru. For cash withdrawal transactions at ATMs, however, the fees are paid by the card-issuing bank to the acquiring bank (for the maintenance of the machine).
Internal Revenue Service Form 8900 is used to claim the tax credit by the taxpayer at a maximum of $3500 per short line track mile per year or 50% of qualified railroad track maintenance paid or incurred during the year whichever is less. Form 8900 is used to assign tax credits between eligible taxpayers who have come to an agreement to transfer tax credits. Eligible taxpayers for this credit are short line railroads, transporters who use the railroad property and any taxpayer who furnishes goods and services to a short line railroad. Shareholders or partners of these eligible taxpayer may receive a passthru of these credits on form K-1.
After the first passthru (patching card information) got homebrew code running, several people started to produce and sell the so-called PassMe devices. Currently, the BIOS of the Nintendo DS has been disassembled and will lead to passthrules cards. PassMe v1 could simply use any Nintendo DS Game Card to operate, while PassMe v2 required on-board memory for game specific booting, which would combat with later versions of the Nintendo DS's firmware that blocked nongame-specific boots. However, this required SRAM in the media that the PassMe was booting to, and thus did not operate with some media devices, such as the Game Boy Advance Media Player (CF/SD).
NATs can also cause problems where IPsec encryption is applied and in cases where multiple devices such as SIP phones are located behind a NAT. Phones which encrypt their signaling with IPsec encapsulate the port information within an encrypted packet, meaning that NA(P)T devices cannot access and translate the port. In these cases the NA(P)T devices revert to simple NAT operation. This means that all traffic returning to the NAT is mapped onto one client causing service to more than one client "behind" the NAT to fail. There are a couple of solutions to this problem: one is to use TLS, which operates at level 4 in the OSI Reference Model and therefore does not mask the port number; another is to encapsulate the IPsec within UDP - the latter being the solution chosen by TISPAN to achieve secure NAT traversal, or a NAT with "IPsec Passthru" support.
Another driver type is NDIS Intermediate Driver. Intermediate drivers sit in-between the MAC and IP layers and can control all traffic being accepted by the NIC. In practice, intermediate drivers implement both miniport and protocol interfaces. The miniport driver and protocol driver actually communicate with the corresponding miniport and protocol interfaces that reside in the intermediate driver. This design enables adding several chained intermediate drivers between the miniport and protocol drivers. Therefore, driver vendors cannot assume that the interface that they send traffic to is implemented by the last driver in the chain. In order to write applications using NDIS one can use samples that accompany Microsoft's Windows Driver Kit (WDK). The "PassThru" sample is a good starting point for intermediate drivers as it implements all the necessary details required in this driver type, but just passes the traffic through to the next driver in the chain.