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Examples of "paturel"
She is not related to the French actor Dominique Paturel.
Paturel is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Paturel was born in Toulon, and has three sisters.
Robert Paturel, "Boxe de rue, se défendre en toutes situations", i-prod ASIN: B000DZ6VMS
Paturel has now created her own drama courses and supplies coaching and vocational training.
Robert Paturel et Eric Quequet, "Boxe de rue 2, self-défense contre armes", i-prod
Sabine Paturel (born 19 September 1965) is a French singer and actress.
Dominique Paturel (born April 3, 1931) is a French voice, stage and film actor.
Paturel dubbed J. R. Ewing in "Dallas". He also dubbed Terence Hill, Omar Sharif and Anthony Hopkins.
The same year, she covered several 1980s songs on her album "Futur 80", including "Boule de flipper" originally sung by Corynne Charby, "Mise au point" by Jakie Quartz and "Les Bêtises" by Sabine Paturel.
Paturel started his career at the Théâtre National Populaire in the 1950s. He subsequently acted at the Théâtre de l'Odéon. Meanwhile, he acted in films in the 1960s-1980s.
Paturel was born on April 3, 1931 in Le Havre, where was educated at the Institution Saint-Joseph. He moved to Paris in 1951, and he graduated from the École de la rue Blanche.
Robert Paturel is a French boxer, born in 1952 in Rueil-Malmaison. He won the French Boxing championship six times in France, and became a European champion in 1984.
In the early 90s, Bibie continued her career, but enthusiasm of the public for her songs was no longer the same. As many other French female singers of the 1980s such as Sabine Paturel or Desireless, she fell again into anonymity.
In his 1999 book entitled "Les radis de la colère - Le complot démasqué, pourquoi la France a-t-elle peur d'Horus?", Horus' lawyer Jean-Pierre Joseph, rejected these accusations. Although he was just the lawyer of several members of the group, Christian Paturel also denied these criticisms and presented the group as an "agrarian community".
Written and composed by Sylvain Lebel and Dominique Pankratoff, "Les Bêtises" is a song recorded as a nursery rhyme. It was qualified as full of mischievousness that could be subtitled "the rhyme of a calamity". In the lyrics, "the performer tells the disasters which she carried out to punish her boyfriend for having left her". Paturel performs the song with a childlike voice.
In 1978, Royers joined the Mejiro Gym and took up kickboxing. He became the European Savate Champion in 1984 when he defeated Robert Paturel via technical knockout in Paris, France. The following year, he won the WKA Middleweight Championship of the World when he won a 12-round decision victory over Yasuo Tabata. He was forced to retire in 1986, however, after breaking his arm twice in training.
France are the defending champions having won their third title, on home soil in 2015. The French Motorcycle Federation were the first to announce their team for this years event with Romain Febvre, Dylan Ferrandis and Gautier Paulin being chosen to represent their country. A few weeks later, Ferrandis broke his arm at the MXGP of Switzerland. His position in the squad will be taken by reserve Benoit Paturel.
In 1982 an unofficial local flag was designed, based on the Collectivity's coat of arms. The flag is blue with a yellow ship, said to be the "Grande Hermine", which brought Jacques Cartier to Saint-Pierre on 15 June 1536. Three square fields placed along the hoist recall the origin of most inhabitants of the islands, from top to bottom, Basques, Bretons, and Normans. The flag was likely designed by André Paturel, a local business owner.
"Les Bêtises" (French translation for Stupid Things) is a 1985 song recorded by French artist Sabine Paturel. Released in March 1986 as her debut single from her album "Cœur Bébé", released two years later, on which it is the sixth track. The song was a smash hit in France, even if it failed to top the chart. It was covered by several artists throughout the years and became a popular song.