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Workers who were exposed to PBB during PBB production suffered hypothyroidism, although no deterioration in memory performance was found in PBB-exposed workers in tests conducted several years after final PBB exposure, and there was also no correlation of performance with PBB concentration.
PBB is the foundation for the IEEE 802.1Qay PBB-TE standard, which was standardized in 2009.
Provider Backbone Bridge Traffic Engineering (PBB-TE) is an approved telecommunications networking standard, IEEE 802.1Qay-2009. PBB-TE adapts Ethernet technology to carrier class transport networks. It is based on the layered VLAN tags and MAC-in-MAC encapsulation defined in IEEE 802.1ah (Provider Backbone Bridges (PBB)), but it differs from PBB in eliminating flooding, dynamically created forwarding tables, and spanning tree protocols. Compared to PBB and its predecessors, PBB-TE behaves more predictably and its behavior can be more easily controlled by the network operator, at the expense of requiring up-front connection configuration at each bridge along a forwarding path. PBB-TE Operations, Administration, and Management (OAM) is usually based on IEEE 802.1ag. It was initially based on Nortel's Provider Backbone Transport (PBT).
was drawn and analyzed for PBB by gas chromatography. Mean serum PBB levels were found to be 26.9 ppb by weight (26.9 µg/kg) in farm residents, 17.1 in recipients, 43.0 ppb in workers, and 3.4 ppb in the low exposure group. No associations could be established between serum PBB levels and symptom prevalence rates.
N49. Katibas – Ambrose Blikau by United Traditional Bumiputera Party (PBB)
The party structure of PBB is in many ways resembles to that of the national party United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) due to the influence exerted by Abdul Rahman Ya'kub. PBB has four levels of bureaucracy namely:
PBB-TE equipment leverages economies of scale inherent in Ethernet, promising solutions that are 30% to 40% cheaper than T-MPLS networks with identical features and capabilities, giving PBB-TE a better overall return on investment.
PBB-TE's connection-oriented features and behaviors, as well as its OAM approach, are inspired by SDH/SONET. PBB-TE can also provide path protection levels similar to the UPSR (Unidirectional Path Switched Ring) protection in SDH/SONET networks.
Intel Parallel Building Blocks (PBB) was a collection of three programming solutions designed for multithreaded parallel computing. PBB consisted of Cilk Plus, Threading Building Blocks (TBB) and Intel Array Building Blocks (ArBB).
To achieve his political goal, Yusril formed PBB on 17 July 1998 and was elected as its first Chairman. In June 1999, PBB participated in the 1999 Legislative Elections and came 6th with 2.84% of the votes.
Overall, the Sarawak National Front won 28 constituencies with PBB 14; SUPP 11 and SNAP 3.
At this time, "Pinoy Big Brother: 737" had an improved version as "737 Gold". On the 7th Season of the show 737 Gold was replaced by "PBB Vietnam Mga Kwento ng Celebrity Housemates" during the celebrity housemates stay in Vietnam, "PBB: Mga Kwento ng Teen Housemates" during the duration of the Teen Season, and Lastly it was replace by "PBB Mga Kwento ng mga Housemates ni Kuya" during the Regular entry in the house.
In early 1973, the flame retardant PBB was accidentally mixed with a cattle feed supplement and then sent to a Michigan Farm Bureau Services feed mill in Battle Creek, Michigan. By the time the mix-up was discovered a year later, contaminated livestock feed had been sent to hundreds of farms.<PBB health study moves from Michigan to Georgia, Capital News Service February 24, 2012>pbb-health-study-moves-from-michigan-to-georgia/>
Daily updates about upcoming episodes are shown twice a day. "Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7 Online" airs their episodes on the official website and on their official Facebook and YouTube page on weekdays, sometimes on weekends for after-eviction specials. For three weeks, during the stay of the celebrity housemates, a special show entitled "PBB: Mga Kwento ng Celebrity Housemates" (then formerly known as "PBB Vietnam: Mga Kwento ng Celebrity Housemates" when the latter was still in Vietnam) aired. It was then renamed to "PBB: Mga Kwento ng Teen Housemates" upon the arrival of the teen housemates, and "PBB: Mga Kwento ng Housemates ni Kuya" upon the teen and regular housemates lived in one house, and then renamed as "PBB: Mga Kwento ng Dream Team ni Kuya" when the Dream Team housemates entered. "Online Bahay ni Kuya" returned for viewers to participate and win PHP 100,000 at the end of its run.
Abdul Rahman was appointed an executive member of United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) on 16 May 1965 during the 1966 Sarawak constitutional crisis. He was the vice-president of UMNO Datu Keramat branch and was a central committee member of the party although he was also a PBB member. In 1970, Abdul Rahman was one of the candidates vying for UMNO's vice-presidency. Rahman drafted the PBB constitution by adapting from the UMNO's constitution. Similar to UMNO's party structure, PBB adopted four levels of bureaucracy namely General Assembly, Supreme Council, branches, and sub-branches. This is similar to UMNO's organisational structure of national, negeri liaison office, division, and branches. At every party levels, PBB has youth and women wings which is also similar to UMNO's set up. Abdul Rahman was able to influence party policies and party elections during his term as PBB president from 1977 to 1981.
Ethernet destination addresses (from UNI port attached devices) perform learning over the logical LAN and are forwarded to the appropriate participating B-MAC address to reach the far end Ethernet destination. In this manner Ethernet MAC addresses are never looked up in the core of an IEEE 802.1aq network. When comparing SPBM to PBB, the behavior is almost identical to a PBB IEEE 802.1ah network. PBB does not specify how B-MAC addresses are learned and PBB may use a spanning tree to control the B-VLAN. In SPBM the main difference is that B-MAC address are distributed or computed in the control plane, eliminating the B-MAC learning in PBB. Also SPBM ensures that the route followed is shortest path tree.
After the formation of PBB, Temenggong Jugah Anak Barieng was appointed as the first president of the PBB while Taib Mahmud was appointed deputy president and Abdul Rahman Ya'kub was appointed the secretary-general of the party. In September 1975, Abdul Rahman suddenly announced his retirement from politics due to criticisms to his administration of the Sarawak state. Few weeks later, Temenggong Jugah also announced his retirement as the president of PBB. In October 1975, Taib Mahmud was appointed to the president of PBB to fill the vacancy left by Temenggong Jugah while Leonard Linggi, the son of Temenggong Jugah, was appointed to the secretary-general post, replacing Abdul Rahman. However, Abdul Rahman remained as the executive member of PBB and the leader of Sarawak Barisan Nasional (BN). Alfred Jabu moved his rank to the deputy president post while Celestine Ujang fill the youth chief post left vacant by Alfred Jabu.
Burkinabe Bolshevik Party (, PBB) was a communist party in Burkina Faso. It was led by Hassane Dicko.
It incorporated the Provider Backbone Bridge Traffic Engineering (PBB-TE) standard to adapt Ethernet technology to carrier networks.
There is evidence that pre- and post-natal exposure to PBB in girls leads to menarche at an earlier age.