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hyperandrogenemia              hyperandrogenism              hypogonadism              andropause              premenopausal              hypergonadotropic              hypogonadotropic              preeclampsia              hyperandrogenic              postmenopausal              azoospermia              endometriosis              ohss              hyperinsulinism              menopausal              hypothyroid              pku              infertility              hirsutism              hyperprolactinemia              virilization              galactorrhea              oligomenorrhea              asthenozoospermia              asthenospermia              bph              oligospermia              gynecomastia              subfertility              polycystic              niddm              impotence              perimenopausal              lipidemia              hypergonadism              hyperuricemia              infertile              prediabetes              hypoestrogenism              eclampsia              fmtc              fxtas              hyperphosphatemia              hyperlipidaemia              hypogonadotrophic              fxpoi              menopause              feminization              hypocholesterolemia              hyperstimulation             

Examples of "pcos"
PCOS may be associated with chronic inflammation, with several investigators correlating inflammatory mediators with anovulation and other PCOS symptoms. Similarly, there seems to be a relation between PCOS and increased level of oxidative stress.
PCOS accounts for approximately 90% of anovulation infertility, affecting 5-10% of woman of reproductive age. In women with PCOS, GDF9 mRNA is decreased in all stages of follicular development compared to women without PCOS. In particular, levels of GDF9 increase as the follicle develops from primordial stages to more mature stages. Women with PCOS have considerably lower expression of GDF9 in primordial, primary and secondary stages of folliculogenesis. GDF9 expression is not only reduced in women with PCOS but also delayed. Despite these facts the exact link of GDF9 with PCOS is not well established.
PCOS has some aspects of a metabolic disorder, since its symptoms are partly reversible. Even though considered as a gynecological problem, PCOS consists of 28 clinical symptoms.
PCOS Challenge is a series of videos produced to bring greater awareness about polycystic ovary syndrome and support to women living with PCOS. They are available to stream online and aired on public access television stations. The show addresses common PCOS symptoms and related conditions including infertility, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, anxiety and depression, and hirsutism. The television series is executive produced by William R. Patterson, CEO of The Baron Solution Group, and Sasha Ottey, president of PCOS Challenge, Inc.
Increasing body weight is also thought to be linked to the development of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). There are specific aspects associated with PCOS allowing an indication of diagnosis of the syndrome including hyperandrogenism (hirsutism), irregular periods, anovulation and subfertility. Obesity in PCOS sufferers amplifies hormonal and metabolic decline, therefore damaging fertility and oocyte quality in women. PCOS can also have an effect if conception is successful through assisted reproductive technology (ART) in obese patients, leading to an increase in miscarriage rates.
PCOS is a part of the Democratic Alternative coalition.
PCOS held its 8th National Convention in Bogotá, October 2004.
Not all women with PCOS have difficulty becoming pregnant. For those that do, anovulation or infrequent ovulation is a common cause. Other factors include changed levels of gonadotropins, hyperandrogenemia and hyperinsulinemia. Like women without PCOS, women with PCOS that are ovulating may be infertile due to other causes, such as tubal blockages due to a history of sexually transmitted diseases.
Common signs and symptoms of PCOS include the following:
Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are also likely to suffer from oligomenorrhea. PCOS is a condition in which excessive androgens (male sex hormones) are released by the ovaries. Women with PCOS show menstrual irregularities that range from oligomenorrhea and amenorrhea, to very heavy, irregular periods. The condition affects about 6% of premenopausal women.
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Due to its association with insulin resistance, the risk of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) increases with adiposity. In the US approximately 60% of patients with PCOS have a BMI greater than 30. It remains uncertain whether PCOS contributes to obesity, or the reverse.
PCOS Challenge, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides support for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome through television and radio programming, educational workshops, and online and offline support networks. Sasha Ottey is a clinical and research microbiologist. Ottey started "PCOS Challenge" after her PCOS diagnosis in 2008.
A very specific sub-genotype of FMR1 has been found to be associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). The gene expression, called heterozygous-normal/low may cause PCOS-like excessive follicle-activity and hyperactive ovarian function when women are younger.
PCOS is associated with enhanced androgen and cortisol metabolite excretion and increased 5 alpha-reductase activity that cannot be explained by obesity alone. Increased adrenal corticosteroid production represents an important pathogenic pathway in PCOS.
Asians affected by PCOS are less likely to develop hirsutism than those of other ethnic backgrounds.
The primary treatments for PCOS include: lifestyle changes, medications and surgery.
Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) is increased in PCOS, and may become part of its diagnostic criteria.
PCOS is a common disorder involving dysfunction of the endocrine system associated with female reproduction. PCOS involves discrepancies in the Hyphophyseal-pituitary-gonadal endocrine axis which can result in hormonal dysfunction, excess androgens (e.g. testosterone) and frequent "anovulatory" menstrual cycles. Therefore, it is common for women suffering from PCOS to require assistance in order to conceive. In these patients IVM can be used to mature oocytes and aid conception.
Her other cookbooks include "MicroWays", "The Low Iodine Diet Cookbook", and "The PCOS Diet Cookbook".