Synonyms for pdfs or Related words with pdfs

cdfs              cdf              bivariate              variates              lognormal              pdf              entropies              unnormalized              likelihoods              quantiles              priors              multinomial              hypergeometric              quantile              jpdf              functionals              estimators              decompositions              embeddings              logit              variate              psfs              hyperparameters              gaussians              exponents              parameterizations              probabilities              weibull              gaussian              segmentations              distributional              quotients              confidences              discriminants              exponentials              periodogram              superpositions              rbfs              covariances              variational              scatterplot              regularized              summations              thresholded              histograms              probabilistically              cumulants              deconvolved              precomputed              eqns             

Examples of "pdfs"
where formula_21 are the pdfs of the Inverse-Gamma distributions and formula_22 are the pdfs of the Gamma distributions, formula_23 is Gamma("α", "β") distributed.