Synonyms for peduncularis or Related words with peduncularis

sessiliflora              laxiflora              cymosa              lepidota              ciliatum              randia              anomalum              lancifolia              connata              foliosa              oblongifolia              ehretia              auriculatum              candicans              radlk              congesta              tenuifolium              marsdenia              wahlenbergia              uniflora              oleoides              glabrescens              dielsii              auriculata              forssk              ovatum              filipes              brevifolium              deflexa              ligularia              calcarata              vestita              puberula              sessilifolia              micranthus              hirtella              cuneifolia              asystasia              floribundum              grewia              monantha              parvifolium              alpestre              bracteata              breviflora              ramulosa              chamaesyce              caffra              acutum              plumosa             

Examples of "peduncularis"
Larval food is "Fleurya capensis" and "Laportis peduncularis".
The larvae feed on "Laportea peduncularis", "Pouzolzia mixta" and "Obetia tenax".
The larvae feed on "Laportia peduncularis" and "Drogueria" and "Carduus" species.
Veronica peduncularis (creeping speedwell) is a plant in the plantain family, Plantaginaceae.
The larva feeds on "Onobrychis" species ("O. arenaria", "O. peduncularis", "O. sativa" and "O. viciifolia")
There is only one known species, Chaetymenia peduncularis, endemic to Mexico.
There is only one accepted species, Schizoptera peduncularis, native to Peru and Ecuador.
The larvae feed on "Fleurya capensis", "Laportia peduncularis", "Pouzolia parasitica", "Didymodoxa caffra" and "Urtica" species.
"Gagea peduncularis" is a bulb-forming perennial herb. Flowers look yellow from the front, green from the back.
The larvae feed on "Urtica", "Laportea peduncularis", "Urera trinervis", "Urera hypselodendron", "Obetia tenax", "Pouzolzia procridioides", "Pouzolzia parasitica" and "Fleurya mitis".
"Veronica peduncularis" is a herbaceous plant with alternate, simple leaves, on creeping stems. The flowers are blue, borne in spring.
Darwinia peduncularis is a plant in the myrtle family Myrtaceae and is endemic to New South Wales.
Tabernaemontana peduncularis is a species of plant in the Apocynaceae family. It is found in Indochina and western Malaysia.
Alepidea peduncularis is an edible perennial herb native to the montane grasslands of East and South Africa.
Crotalaria peduncularis is a species of herbaceous plants in the subfamily Faboideae. It is found in India.
Quercus peduncularis is a Mesoamerican species of plant in the beech family. It is native to Mexico and Central America, ranging from Jalisco to Honduras.
Cottonia is a monotypic genus of flowering plants from the orchid family, Orchidaceae: the only known species is Cottonia peduncularis. It is native to India and Sri Lanka.
Laportea peduncularis, the River Nettle, is a herbaceous plant in the family Urticaceae. It is consumed for its anti-inflammatory effects.
The larvae feed on "Theobroma cacao", "Tectona grandis", "Ficus exasperata", "Ficus aspersifolia", "Ficus sycomorus", "Laportea peduncularis", "Fleurya ovalifolia" and "Boehmeria" species.
Gagea peduncularis is a Mediterranean plant species in the lily family. It is native to Italy (Apulia), Greece (including Crete), the Balkans, Turkey, Cyprus, and Libya.