Synonyms for pedunculata or Related words with pedunculata

calcarata              stricta              vestita              auriculata              oblongifolia              cuneifolia              floribundum              amoenum              grewia              atropurpurea              bracteata              uliginosa              laxiflora              mucronata              radlk              oppositifolia              cleome              caulescens              virgata              filifolia              fastigiata              sessiliflora              congesta              hookeri              microphylla              uniflora              anomalum              acutifolia              tenuifolium              pulchellum              multifida              colorata              glabrescens              caffra              ciliata              wahlenbergia              horrida              speciosum              latifolium              chamaesyce              auriculatum              robustum              sagittata              recurva              debilis              laevigatum              ventricosa              spinescens              micrantha              ciliatum             

Examples of "pedunculata"
Guancha pedunculata is a species of calcareous sponge from Australia.
Larvae feed on "Viola pedunculata" and "Viola nuttallii".
"Canna pedunculata" Sims is a species of the "Canna" genus, belonging to the family Cannaceae. Native of south-east Brazil at low altitudes. Johnson's Dictionary of 1856 reports that it first entered England in 1820, "pedunculata" meaning 'long-flower-stalked'.
"Castanopsis pedunculata" is endemic to Borneo. Its habitat is lowland dipterocarp forests up to altitude.
Tipulamima pedunculata is a moth of the family Sesiidae. It is known from Kenya.
Calanticidae is a family of barnacles in the order Pedunculata, containing the following genera:
Inga pedunculata is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family.
Daphne pedunculata is a shrub, of the family Thymelaeaceae. It is native to China, specifically Yunnan.
Calceolaria pedunculata is a species of plant in the Calceolariaceae family. It is endemic to Ecuador.
Lobelia pedunculata, commonly known as matted pratia or trailing pratia, is a perennial herb from Australia.
The order Pedunculata is divided into the following suborders and families:
"Halimione pedunculata" and "Halimione verrucifera" have a chromosome number of 2n = 18, "Halimione portulacoides" 2n = 36.
Seddera pedunculata is a species of plant in the Convolvulaceae family. It is endemic to Yemen.
"L. stoechas," "L. pedunculata" and "L. dentata" were known in Roman times. From the Middle Ages onwards, the European species were considered two separate groups or genera, "Stoechas" ("L. stoechas", "L. pedunculata", "L. dentata") and "Lavandula" ("L. spica" and "L. latifolia"), until Linnaeus combined them. He only recognised five species in "Species Plantarum" (1753), "L. multifida" and "L. dentata" (Spain) and "L. stoechas" and "L. spica" from Southern Europe. "L. pedunculata" was included within "L. stoechas."
Kuntheria is a plant species related to "Schelhammera". It contains one species, "Kuntheria pedunculata" , endemic to Queensland, Australia.
The checklists on the Internet wiedersprüchliche give details of the correct name. 2005/2010 will be used in the International Plant Names Index (IPNI) Hedera pedunculata, while in 2006 Catalogue of Life - Annual Checklist viewed, Hedera pedunculata as a synonym of var rhombea rhombea, also in 2010 Global Biodiversity Information Facility.
Lavandula pedunculata, commonly called French Lavender, is a species of flowering plant in the Lamiaceae family. It is known for its butterfly-like, narrow petals that emerge from the top of its narrow stalk. "L. pedunculata" is native to Iberia, Morocco and western Turkey.
Hiekeia pedunculata is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae, and the only species in the genus Hiekeia. It was described by Breuning in 1964.
A medicinally important, widely spread and common species of the tropical forests of South and Southeast Asia is the small tree "Acronychia pedunculata".
Nemophila pedunculata is a common annual wildflower found throughout western North America. Its common names include littlefoot nemophila and meadow nemophila.