Synonyms for pellegr or Related words with pellegr

welw              vatke              humbertii              delile              hiern              mildbr              schinz              macbr              cuatrec              gmel              warb              oliv              schum              montrouz              summerh              brongn              markgr              thonn              uvariopsis              vollesen              radlk              baill              tiegh              bremek              manettia              valeton              dielsii              gossweileri              dubard              duvign              pierrei              chodat              zeyh              burret              bosser              dietr              desf              forssk              kraenzl              mossambicensis              bertiera              cambess              steud              gagnep              klotzsch              katangensis              vepris              depauperata              puberula              lehmannii             

Examples of "pellegr"
Zeyher is commemorated in the genera "Zeyheria" Mart., "Zeyherella" (Engl.) Aubrèv. & Pellegr. and in a large number of specific names. His personal herbarium is at the South African Museum, though Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Pappe (1803-1862) replaced most of the labels with his own.