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Examples of "pellett"
The album features original members—and siblings—Sandy, Chris and Bruce Dedrick, along with Rebecca Pellett.
The "dnd" video game was written in the TUTOR programming language for the PLATO system by Gary Whisenhunt and Ray Wood at Southern Illinois University in 1974 and 1975. Dirk Pellett of Iowa State University and Flint Pellett of the University of Illinois made substantial enhancements to the game from 1976 to 1985.
William Pellett (7 July 1809 – date of death unknown) was an English cricketer. Pellett's batting and bowling styles are unknown. He was born at Duncton, Sussex.
The series was conceived, art-directed and published by Stephan Van Dam. Design and production by Eamonn FItzmaurice and editorial direction by Gail Pellett. All historical information was provided by the National Park Service.
These people were news anchors with Bloomberg Radio at the time the announcements were recorded. Since then, Ettinger and Pellett are now at 1010 WINS-AM and Sirius Satellite Radio working with Howard Stern and his Howard 100 news team.
"dnd" version 5.4 and "dnd" 8 are both available on the Cyber1 system . The games have been restored from tape and brought up to current TUTOR language standards by Dirk Pellett.
Imarda is a privately held company, established in 2007 by Selwyn Pellett, who is the recipient of the 2009 Tait Communications Flying Kiwi Award, presented in recognition of his contributions to growing New Zealand's hi-tech industries. , Pellett serves as the company's CEO. The company was created after the acquisition of Internet-based tracking and messaging company, SmartTrack and telematics hardware company, Prolificx. The organisation is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with additional offices in Shawnee Mission, Kansas; Kent, England; Singapore; Malaysia; and Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. While the company's research and development centres are located in New Zealand and Australia, manufacturing and distribution centres are located in Singapore and Malaysia.
Kemmerer House, also known as the Mr. & Mrs. Russell L. Pellett Residence and Irongate, is a historic home located at Emmaus, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. It was built between 1840 and 1850, and is a two-story, masonry dwelling with Georgian style influences. It has a five bay wide front facade. Also on the property is a Pennsylvania-German forbay barn.
The site was formerly a cold storage facility demolished into the basement of the building and capped as a surface car park, which meant Carillion had to undertake extensive groundworks prior to construction. The project was rendered more complex by its restricted city-centre location on a triangular site, with two sides bound by live railways and very narrow access via Pellett Street.
Tŷ Pont Haearn is in close proximity to higher educational establishments including Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University. Located on Pellett Street in the heart of the city centre, the residence is close to Cardiff Central railway station. and Cardiff International Arena. The residence is accessible from Junction 29 (Cardiff South) of the M4 motorway.
In 1994, Vernon Young and Peter Pellett published their paper that became the definitive contemporary guide to protein metabolism in humans. It also confirmed that complementing proteins at meals was totally unnecessary. Thus, people who avoid consuming animal protein do not need to be at all concerned about amino acid imbalances from the plant proteins that make up their usual diets.
Pellett made his first-class debut for Sussex against Nottinghamshire at the Royal New Ground, Brighton, in 1837. He made two further first-class appearances for the Sussex in that season, against the Marylebone Cricket Club at the Royal New Ground, and a return fixture against Nottinghamshire at the Forest New Ground, Nottingham. In his three first-class matches, he scored a total of just 26 runs at an average of 4.33, with a high score of 12.
Perhaps inspired by this newfound interest, in 2000 the band re-grouped, after a nearly 30-year retirement, to record the song "Endless Harmony" on the Beach Boys tribute album "Caroline Now!". This experience convinced them to record a new full-length album, 2001's "Cosmic Peekaboo", which featured the original lineup (Chris, Sandy and Bruce) in addition to Rebecca Pellett, who had previously been Chris Dedrick's musical assistant for several years.
He was born in Wilberforce to farmer David Bushell and Izeppa Winton. He attended Richmond Public School and became a commercial traveller. He was then a storekeeper first at Cobar and then at Mandurama. Around 1900 he married Mary Pellett at Muswellbrook; they would have four daughters. In 1917 he was elected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly as the Labor member for Lyndhurst, but he retired in 1920. Around 1928 he married his second wife, Janet Baker. He died in Parkes in 1930.
Wiley was born on June 21, 1929 in Morristown to Katharine (née Pellett) and J. Burton Wiley and attended Morristown High School, graduating in 1947. His father had been the district's superintendent of schools. He earned his undergraduate degree from Princeton University in 1951 and was awarded a law degree from Columbia Law School in 1954, before going on to serve in the United States Army from 1954 to 1956. After completing his military service, Wiley was named in 1957 to serve as Assistant Prosecutor for Morris County. He was named in 1960 as legal counsel to Governor of New Jersey Robert B. Meyner.
Dorothy Lewknor, widow of Edward Lewknor, made her will as of Kingston Buci on 1 October 1587, making her son Edward her executor, and granting to her son Thomas her moiety of lands and tenements in Old Shoreham, and her term remaining in the manor of King's Barns. She refers to an indenture or recognizance made between herself and her 'very good cosens and frends' Sir Francis Walsingham and Sir Henry Cocke in 1570. She was generous in remembering the children of her brothers William and Oliver Wroth, and all her own grandchildren, including particularly her godchildren Dorothy Machell (daughter of Mathew and Mary) and Dorothy Lewkenor (daughter of Edward), and godson Thomas Pellett (son of Benjamin and Dorothy). Her will was proved in August 1589.
He was the youngest son of Mary Jellett Duff (1838-c1885) and Francis Shubael Smith I (1819–1887). Francis partnered with Francis Scott Street and started the publishing firm of Street & Smith. Ormond had the following siblings: Francis Shubael Smith II (1854-?); Cora A. Smith (1857-?) who married George H. Gould; and George Campbell Smith (1859-?). He graduated from Harvard University in 1883, and joined his father at Street & Smith after graduation. On December 25, 1899 Ormond married Grace Hewitt Pellett and they had one child: Gerald Hewitt Smith who attended Princeton University. Ormond was a member Society of the War of 1812, the St. Nicholas Society, and the Society of Colonial Wars. He died in 1933 in Manhattan.
As before, Boyden did few residential buildings. During this period, though, he did at least two of note in Worcester. First, in 1867, was the Jerome Marble House on Harvard Street. This is considered to be one of the finest Second Empire buildings still standing in the city. Much later, in 1894, Boyden built an apartment block at Eden and George Streets for Pellett Brothers. This was, in addition to being one of his last overall works, was his only design within the late-19th century Romanesque Revival mainstream. Boyden may have also designed the Henry Colony residence (now the public library) in Keene, New Hampshire, who built Colony's Block the following year. The Colony residence is similar to much of Boyden's other Second Empire work.
Kanji's sexuality is one of the most controversial elements of "Persona 4" by North American players according to's Andrew Fitch. Fitch worried that both gay and straight players in North America may be offended by how he was designed. Atlus senior project manager Masaru Nanba remarked on how popular the interpretation of Kanji and his Shadow were in the west in an interview with "Famitsu" in 2013. CVG Online's Matthew Pellett called the examination of his sexuality a "first" for Japanese role-playing games. Game Career Guide's Patrick Hayes stated that Shadow Kanji represents his "confusion over manhood and sexuality." Larry Hester of Complex ranked him the sixth best LGBT character in video games. IGN's Keza MacDonald cited Kanji as one of the few playable gay characters in a Japanese video game. Kotaku's Jason Schreier suggested that his lack of understanding of his sexuality comes from his young age. Colette Bennett, editor for Destructoid, felt that most American gamers would think Kanji was gay. She also felt that American designers were not "comfortable with portraying characters like Kanji." VG247's Julie Horup listed Kanji as an example of a homosexual character in video games. "Huffington Post" also featured it in a list of LGBT video game characters. Salon's Luke Winkie chose Kanji as his favourite LGBT character in video games. He stated, "By the end of the game you remember Kanji as your friend, not a kid in the closet."
Female voices are typically used for station, route, and transfer/connection announcements, although Pellett announces the majority of the transfers on the A Division instead of the female voices. Pellett's recordings are used for most of the remaining announcements, most notably "Stand clear of the closing doors, please" prior to train doors closing, but also for safety announcements such as "Please be careful of the gap between the platform and the train" prior to entering a station with curved platforms, and "If you see something, say something." With regards to why certain messages are voiced by males and others by females, MTA spokesperson Gene Sansone said in 2006, "Most of the orders are given by a male voice, while informational messages come from females. Even though this happened by accident, it is a lucky thing because a lot of psychologists agree that people are more receptive to orders from men and information from women." Manual announcements can still be made over the public address system by train operators and conductors, and a "ding" will be heard before the conductor or operator speaks, unlike the recorded announcements.