Synonyms for perceptible or Related words with perceptible

perceivable              discernable              discernible              imperceptible              noticeable              perceived              observable              recognizable              unnoticeable              perceive              annoying              perceiving              unappealing              displeasing              conspicuous              unperceivable              perception              inaudible              perceives              visible              legible              visibly              pleasing              appealing              detectible              unrecognizable              recognisable              unpleasing              irritating              objectionable              reassuring              distinguishable              unpleasant              perceptibly              audible              audibly              aural              disconcerting              indiscernible              haptically              detectable              unattractive              invisible              conscious              subtle              unaided              understandable              tactilely              viewable              disagreeable             

Examples of "perceptible"
More than 500 perceptible aftershocks were observed.
though the loudness difference is more perceptible. Stevens, Keyser
William Gaver divided affordances into three categories: perceptible, hidden, and false.
Third Article. That the true religion is known through perceptible marks.
The only perceptible wear in any part was caused by two joint pins rubbing against adjacent parts.
Profoundly affected tandem gait with no other perceptible deficits is a defining feature of posterior vermal split syndrome.
Liminal, as an adjective, means situated at a sensory threshold, hence barely perceptible. Subliminal means below perception.
"The engine was completely dismantled, and no perceptible wear was noticeablke on any of the fitted surfaces.
"The engine was completely dismantled, and no perceptible wear was noticeablke on any of the fitted surfaces.
these in males obscure and sometimes hardly perceptible, in females more distinct. The apical area is often sprinkled whitish, with a small indistinct whitish spot on the costa at four-fifths and a faint angulated line sometimes perceptible. The hindwings are light bluish-grey.
The use of calm technology is paired with ubiquitous computing as a way to minimize the perceptible invasiveness of computers in everyday life.
"Seamless is defined as there being no perceptible break in voice or data transmission due to handover (from the calling party or the called party"s perspective)".
The wingspan is about 13 mm. The forewings are ochreous-white. The second discal stigma is minute, hardly perceptible and pale greyish-ochreous. The hindwings are whitish.
The notice for visually perceptible copies should contain all three elements described below. They should appear together or in close proximity on the copies.
Offset ink need also be very rich in pigment so that it's full color vibrancy is perceptible even in minute quantity.
is within the depth of field, and the blur is imperceptible. If the detail is only slightly outside the DOF, the blur may be only barely perceptible.
Solenoid voltmeters are not precise. For example, there would be no reliably perceptible difference in the reading between 220 VAC and 240 VAC.
A sheet of wasli is created by gluing together several layers of paper, then polishing them by hand until they are shiny and smooth, with minimal perceptible grain.
The zoom shots are also not done smoothly - there is a mildly perceptible hand shake, to indicate the experiments that Phalke himself could have conducted.
"The aroma and fragrance of new thought were perceptible in these designs, after three centuries of wear and tear. The charm lay partly in their