Synonyms for perdre or Related words with perdre

mourir              mieux              regarde              toute              pleurer              envie              sauver              joies              vendre              votre              jamais              raconte              envers              veut              moins              faites              peuvent              rien              quelqu              chantent              souvent              partout              vont              vrai              ainsi              seule              amoureux              laisse              enfin              vouloir              veille              sont              oublier              voici              mauvaise              douleur              autrement              toujours              reste              quoi              avait              appartient              habitude              comprendre              raisons              aimais              annonce              avoir              fous              aimerai             

Examples of "perdre"
- Anonymous, « Se perdre », in Mouvement, Paris, mai-juin 2004.
2013 'La joie de se perdre', Villa de Olmen en d' Apostrof, Meigem
Her book "Ciel à Perdre", written in French, received the Prix Guillaume Apollinaire in 2014.
BRASSARD, Denise, "Perdre ses traces" (Losing track) in "Voix et Images", no 108, Spring-Summer 2011, p. 117-125.
"Se perdre (et se trouver) dans la traduction", Les Assises Internationales du Roman 2008 : Le roman, quelle invention ! (Titres)
The word moved from Latin into French with the meanings "North Star" and also "the guide". In 1636 the French expression "perdre la tramontane" meant "to be disoriented."
After mixing COX’s ‘Rien A Perdre’ album for Barclay in early 2003, Paul was called in to co-produce tracks for the number one MUSE album, ‘Absolution’ for Taste Media.
«Oui, oui, Mesdemoiselles, hochez la tête tant qu'il vous plaira; la plus sage et la meilleure d'entre vous, c'est ... Mais je ne veux pas le dire; car c'est la seule de ma classe qui ait de la modestie, et je craindrais, en la nommant, de lui faire perdre à l'instant même cette rare vertu que je vous souhaite... Lalala»
Xavier Legrand is a French filmmaker. Legrand was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film for the 2013 film "Avant que de tout perdre (Just Before Losing Everything)". He also appeared as an actor in Louis Malle's 1987 film "Au revoir les enfants".
The French channel TF1 is the first international broadcaster to launch a local format of the show. It will be called "Pas une seconde à perdre!" (Not a second to lose!) and hosted by and . In this version, the hourglass will contain €25,000 and it will premiere at the end of January 2014.
Six Hours to Lose () is a French romance film from 1946, directed by Alex Joffé, written by Alex Joffé and Jean Lévitte, starring André Luguet. The film was starred by Louis de Funès. The film based on the novel of Robert Brasillach, with the same title "Six heures à perdre", edited posthumously in 1953.
Just Before Losing Everything (original title Avant que de tout perdre) is a 2013 short film by French film maker Xavier Legrand. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. The film follows the day in the life of a woman who has decided to leave her abusive husband.
Besides writing materials for Kyo and Empyr, Poher has written lyrics and composed songs for a number of well-known artists. He wrote the lyrics for two singles for Sita (full name Sita Vermeulen) that were included in her album "L'envers du Décor" in 2004, namely the title track "L'envers du Décor" and a second hit "Rien à perdre".
Alexandre Gavras (born August 23, 1969) is a film maker. Gavras, along with fellow producer Xavier Legrand, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film at the 86th Academy Awards for the 2013 film "Avant que de tout perdre (Just Before Losing Everything)".
Her debuts as a videast started when a video was noticed on the "Bapt&Gaël, 10 minutes à perdre" website. At that time, Natoo was still working as a policewoman in the Draveil night brigade, located in Essonne. A little later, the young woman created her own Youtube channel, named "Natoo", where she would post a couple of videos. When they started growing in popularity, Natoo decided to leave her career in the Police to spend more time on her Youtube channel.
In verbs whose infinitive ends in -"re", the letter preceding -"re" is always a consonant ("b, d, p, t") or a consonantal "u". Examples include "beure" ("to drink"), "caure" ("to fall"), "coure" ("to cook"),"deure" ("to owe", also modal "might"), "fotre" ("fuck"), "jeure" ("to lay down"), "perdre" ("to lose"), "rebre" ("to receive"), "rompre" ("break"), "valdre" ("to be worth"), "vendre" ("to sell"), and "viure" ("to live").
In 2009, Crumb drew the artwork for a 10-CD anthology of French traditional music compiled by Guillaume Veillet for Frémeaux & Associés. The following year, he created three artworks for Christopher King's "Aimer Et Perdre: To Love And To Lose Songs, 1917–1934"  and, in 2011, he once again played mandolin on an Eden and John's East River String Band album ("Be Kind to a Man When He's Down") for which he also created the album cover artwork.
During the 1990s, Mathieu Guidère worked on issues surrounding global communications from and to the Arabic language. Afterwards, he published several works including "Advertising and Translation" ("Publicité et traduction", L'Harmattan, 2000), "The Multilingual Communication: Market and Institutional Translation" ("La communication multilingue : Traduction commerciale et institutionnelle"], De Boeck, 2008), and "Iraq in Translation: The Art of Losing a War without Knowing the Language of your Opponent" ("Irak in translation : De l'art de perdre une guerre sans connaître la langue de son adversaire", Jacob-Duvernet, 2008).
A new version of "Starmania" was produced on October 1, 1993 at the Mogador, directed by Lewis Furey. Performers Judith Bérard, Michel Pascal, Patsy Gallant, Isabelle Boulay, Bruno Pelletier, Luce Dufault and others toured in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. The production won a Félix Award in 1994 and a Victoire Musical of the Year Award in 1995. An album entitled "Starmania, Mogador 94" was released, went platinum after selling 500,000 copies, and included the single “Quand on n’a plus rien à perdre” featuring Bruno Pelletier.
Royalist authors painted the image of a violent, vulgar and alcoholic Simon, acting brutally toward the child; however, this has never been proven. Author Georges Bordonove traces the portrait of a Simon with limited intelligence, entirely devoted to the ideals of the Revolution, and strongly influenced by political leaders such as Pierre Gaspard Chaumette and Jacques Hébert. Simon seems to have followed Chaumette's idea to "give some education to the prince [...] to make him lose the idea of his rank" ("lui donner quelque éducation [...] pour lui faire perdre l'idée de son rang". He requested that his wife Marie-Jeanne (1745–1819) help him in the care of the boy.