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padiyur              pazhoor              ramalayam              chottanikkara              bhagawati              kotturu              katunje              venkatapur              karisalkulam              pullur              narsipur              karuppur              thirukovil              dhama              mahudi              vamanjoor              bhimpur              naguluppalapadu              chirayinkeezhu              sthan              meerpur              devalayam              mandiram              chityal              kottara              naduvannur              devasthana              agaram              derasar              shirgaon              elanthoor              bhairavnath              borgaon              ulliyeri              koratagere              madharam              thimmapur              thalla              kshethra              panmana              pazhaya              ravalnath              pallipatti              sarbojanin              kshethram              karumadi              rudravaram              indapur              dhansar              poruvazhy             

Examples of "peringottukara"
Peringottukara is famous as the place where Peringottukara Ulsavam takes place. The temple committee also runs a Lower Primary School.
Sree Somasekhara temple at Peringottukara, Thrissur.
Peringottukara is a village in the western coastal side of India. Peringottukara located in the western side of the Thrissur District,which is one among the 14 districts of Kerala.
The Peringottukara Ulsavam is considered as one of the major festivals of Thrissur.
In British ruled Cochin state Peringottukara was the cultural capital of Thiyyas and other Back ward people.It all started under the leadership of Sree Narayana guru.
Puthenpeedika is a small village in Thrissur district of Kerala state, south India. It is 17 km from Thrissur town. Anthikad, Chazhur & Peringottukara are nearby places.
Peringottukara is famous for the visit made by Sree Narayana Guru and a temple founded by him. It is a Shiva Temple namely Sree Somashekhara Temple.
Prabhakaran was president of the Enamavu Peringottukara Toddy Workers' Union for 55 years. He was also one of the founders of the District Kole Farmers' Sanghom.
Peringottukara owns two Cinema theaters, a super market, a high school and many more which helped a lot in her reputation.
After three months Guru send his first disciple Shivalinkadas to Peringottukara. According to K.R. Achuthan it happened at next July. Sivalinkadas stayed at Krishna Thandan's residence and started for the collection of funds for constructing an Ashramam(The holy place were Hindu Saints live.)The construction of Sree Narayana Asrama was completed on 1906.During this time Guru visited Peringottukara again and again. And helped people to free themselves from the castism and untouchability.
Bodhananda Swami organised an armed organization for crushing down untouchability castism and Brahmin supremacy.The name of this organization was Dharmabhadasena. This organization fought three decisive battles against Brahmins. They were Cheloor Kalapam at Thriprayar (1912, Arattupuzha Poooram Kalapam at Peringottukara and Chirakkal(1918) Thanissery Kalapam (1918)at Thanissery near Irinjalakkuda. Bengaly Asan,Thoppiyil Bahuleyan and Ottappalam Krishnan were leaders and heroes.
Peringottukara is divided into four segments such as Vadakkummuri, Thekkummuri, Padinjattummuri and Kizhakkummri. Another famus temple is Thiruvanikavu Temple. A Bhagawati Temple. The ulsavam of this temple happens every year in Malayalam Month Makaram on Aswati Nakshatra. Lot of people come from various places to get the blessings of Devi.
Chemmappilly is a place in Thrissur District, Kerala, 23 km from Thrissur. It is in the jurisdiction of Anthikad Police station and the Grama Panchayath is Thanniyam. There is a lower primary school called ALPSchool in the centre. Nearest places are Thriprayar, Nattika, and Peringottukara. This place is on the bank of the river Theevra (Canoli Canal). The postal area is Vadakkummuri-680570. The only Government office is the post office.
A hanging bridge was constructed to connect Thannyam and Nattika Grama Panchayaths. It was inaugurated by Shri Adoor Prakash on 31 May 2013. Phoenix Library is working at Chemmappilly. The road to Chemmappily touches Peringottukara and Thriprayar East Nada. Aneswaram Shiva temple and a Mosque are here. During the "Grama pradakshinam" of Thriprayar Thevar at the time of Arattupuzha Devamela, Thevan ran away from Aneswaram Siva, without any sound because Thevar borrowed paddy and coconut from Lord Aneswaram Siva.
Cheloor Mana is situated at Peringottukara, near Thriprayar, Thrissur district, Kerala state, India. It is one among the famous ancestral homes of Namboodiris in Kerala. It is an "Ettu Kettu" having two internal courtyards (Nadumuttam). Cheloor Itti Ravi Namboodiri was a member of the first Cochin Legislative Assembly in 1925 in the Princely State Of Cochin Kingdom of Cochin . Along with Kaplingat Shankaran Namboodiri, he was instrumental in bringing out the 'Namboodiri Bill' which was intended to abolish polygamy among Namboodiris and aimed at many other revolutionary changes within the community. He was also one among the founders of Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur.