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Examples of "peschanski"
• Tuvia Friling, (2012), Ben Gourion, Un Leader Hors Normes (French), in: David Ben-Gourion, Journal 1947-1948, Les Secrets de la Creation De L'etat D'Israel, Tuvia Friling and Denis Peschanski (eds.), (French) La Martinière, Paris, pp. XLII – LXXII.
This French biannual multidisciplinary journal brought together specialists of different generations and targeted young people. The editorial board included: Nicolas Werth, Marc Lazar, Philippe Buton, Michel Hastings, Karel Bartosek and Denis Peschanski. Published works include both the teleological (political and doctrinal side) and social (relationships with society, social settlements) dimensions of communism.
The historian Denis Peschanski, who was among the first contributors to the journal "motivated by a desire to make communism a scientific subject" left because he did not feel in tune with the editorial line. He explained that "the collapse of the team began when a renewed police-related history appeared of the PCF which was a "scoop".
Leading historians of the period who testified as "experts" during the trial included Jean-Pierre Azéma, André Kaspi, Marc-Olivier Baruch, Henry Rousso, Denis Peschanski, Maurice Rajsfus, René Rémond, Henri Amouroux, and American historian Robert Paxton. The defense tried to exclude Paxton's testimony, claiming the international and national context was irrelevant; the magistrate dismissed their argument. He said that "crimes against humanity" necessarily imply a larger context.