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Examples of "petawaga"
Petawaga comes from the original word in Algonquin . This name took over the place-name Petawaga Lake, which is located in the ZEC.
In 1978, the Quebec government entrusted the Association is responsible for administering the ZEC Petawaga.
The ZEC Petawaga is a "zone d'exploitation contrôlée" (controlled harvesting zone) located in the area of Mont-Laurier, in Antoine-Labelle Regional County Municipality, in the Laurentides, in Quebec, in Canada.
Zec covers a wild and completely forested area related northeast side is Cabonga Reservoir. ZEC is located southeast of the city of Val d'Or, north of the Zec Petawaga and western Zec Festubert.
Zec Petawaga shares its boundaries with the ZEC Le Sueur in the east, La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve in the west. Its eastern border is the Baskatong Reservoir. The zec is bounded on the north by the free territory extending to Clova. Zec counts 314 lakes, of which a hundred are used for recreational fishing.